The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Pearl Harbor was a very devastating event in history, which heightened tension between Japan and the United States. There were several events that led up to the bombing, as well as a lot that went on during this horrible day in history. There were many casualties and devastations as a result. Many crucial events led up to the actual bombing.

Problems between Japan and the United States ultimately caused the bombing. The United States was allies with China, while Japan was at war with them.

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Japan believed if they attacked the United States, they would be able to control China. Exports were stopped being sent to Japan by the United States, because some of the items were useful for war. The United States also cut off all communications with Japan, and although both countries tried to agree on things, Japan wanted to settle things with war. All of this led to the actual attack. (“Pearl Harbor attack”).

The day of the bombing was a very devastating day for many people. The Japanese bombers targeted all of the United State’s planes and ships, destroying most of them. The attack lasted around three hours, with lots of devastation to the island of Pearl Harbor. (“What Happened After the Attack of Pearl Harbor”). Though all of our aircraft was destroyed and our ships were sunk, the Japanese suffered no casualties. Sadly, there were many devastating results of the attack. (“Pearl Harbor”).

There was a lot of major aftermath from the bombing. From the attack, over 3,400 people were injured, while 2,300 were killed. (“Pearl Harbor attack”). Because the attack was so surprising and unexpected, people were all very scared and confused on what was next. The President at the time, President Roosevelt then decided it was best to declare war with Japan. This was a horrific day for everyone, and it was time to take action. (“Pearl Harbor”).

The bombing of Pearl Harbor was a very devastating day in history. Problems arose between Japan and the United States, which led to the bombing. Many casualties were suffered and much of our aircraft and ships were destroyed. The day this attack took place will be one that we remember forever and all of the impact it made on the country.

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