The American Dream Today

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Updated: Mar 31, 2022
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In today’s society Americans thrive on materialism. The American dream is becoming more and more materialistic. America is a nation obsessed with shopping and buying unnecessary products. It doesn’t matter how much “stuff” we have its never enough, we need the newest thing out and we need it now. (take it for granted). It has become like a competition amongst everyone to get that newest/best product out there even though you might not need it. Do you really need that new iPhone or is yours perfectly fine? The United States only represents 5% of the earth’s population but they consume 30% of the earth’s resources and generates 30% of the earth’s waste (possessed by).

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After reading this fact my mind was blown and it made me think about the future if this bad habit continues. Also, it made me think about my daily consumer habits and how much waste I produce by myself. This attachment to material items by Americans will continue to put a strain on the earth’s resources as well as increase the amount of waste produced.

Every American should work to decrease their carbon footprint on the earth.  If everybody consumed at U.S. rates, we would need 3 to 5 planets (story of stuff). So why does America have this fascination with “stuff” even though it is destroying the earth. Confirmation – Provides your claims and evidence in support of your side of the argument. Compared to other parts of the world Americans tend to be more materialistic. In The Story of Stuff the list of unbelievable disturbing facts about the earth seem limitless. The American dream is becoming more and more materialistic. America is a nation obsessed with shopping and buying unnecessary products. “America spends 3-4 more hours shopping as our counterparts in Europe do” (Story of Stuff).

Personally I do not spend that long in a store and I think it is a waste of time. There is no end to the products that people want: the latest iPhone, expensive cars, designer bags, newest game, the list is endless. Shopping is not a problem on its own; It’s the obsessive accumulation of unnecessary products, along with the hope that buying a Chanel bag will somehow make you happier that is problematic. The things that we own often end up owning us, and that’s what I see around me. People are obsessed with material goods. We’re bombarded with ads telling us how a certain car/shoe/phone/soft drink will make us happier, cooler and more fulfilled. HAVING ALL THAT STUFF WONT MAKE YOU happier. People spending beyond their means. Advertising spends mils on convicing you to buy their product

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