Teamwork and Collaborative Work Skills in School

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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This paper analyzes the field of Marketing Advertising Strategy by identifying the two skill groups to excel in the field: generic skills and technical marketing skills. As for generic skills students need to be able to organize, communicate, analyze, teamwork, and have a leadership role. For technical marketing skills, students must have knowledge and marketing sell skills. Along with these skills, the professor must establish these skills so he or she will meet the necessary skill requirements to work within the marketing profession.

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Marketing advertising began in the early twentieth century by German historians. Initially, during the twentieth-century marketing was generally based around the education of literature. Marketing was known as scholarly journaling which people would read to understand the language of marketing. In other words, journaling was the start of marketing advertisement in magazines and newspapers. The only difference was the advertising information given out was related to different fields of business administration. Like, sell managers, accounting, specialist and many more. Director General Brian Jones, the editor of Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, mentioned, “the term ‘marketing’ began to be used in both course and book titles a few years later, and a handful of general marketing texts had appeared in print by 1920”.

As marketing began to grow colleges in the United States began teaching course revolved around marketing advertising. Colleges such as the University of Illinois, University of California, University of Michigan and University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom offered the first teaching courses in marketing. Regardless of marketing advertisement beginnings, the field has progressed into so much more in the last ten years. Now the term “marketing” is the art and science of determining what consumers need and want and translating that into the development of products and services and selling them on a local, national or even global scale. As a student here at GGC and wanting a degree in marketing, I personally notice advertising a business has changed from when I was a little kid. Advertising was mostly displayed through newspapers, radio, magazines, television and more.

While some of these advertisement sources are still popular today, social media is where the mainstream advertisement services go. Technology has made advertisement diverse in the world in so many ways. Social media accelerates small and large businesses or companies to advertise their products or services through their social media sites. Allowing the public to buy products from them. For example, we have Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and even Google is used to advertise. We call these advertisement services Digital Media Advertisement. Logically thinking if any of us were to start our own business we could easily use our own social media site to advertise. However, the problem we have with social media and technology, students tend to ignore the basic skills challenged by marketing advertisement.

As a result, the basic mandatory skills required in the field of marketing remain nonexistent within the school system for college students. Advertising may have grown extremely the last few years with the assistance of social media, but leadership, communication, analyze, knowledge and selling skills have decreased. Communication means information exchanged between individuals in an office, whether verbal or written. Leadership is the position of someone in an office to take on a leadership role when working with others. Which goes along with teamwork by getting work done by several associates and sharing information as a group. So, students or associates can analyze the study to determine the nature and relationship part of the product.

Lastly, students need to have selling technique skills to act as a communication of information to convince the audience to purchase a product or service. To acquire these skills the student must have experience with advertising. An example would be a summer camp for children in the summer. In a summer camp setting to get kids excited to join our camp, we have to analyze the environment setting they will be in. Summer camp is all about teamwork and having one person take on the leadership role in the group. Along with teamwork and leadership, we must have a person and or an adult who has knowledge of running a summer camp. When convincing kids to join a summer camp we are selling them on the fact our camp is better than anyone else’s camp. Overall, selling technique deals with how convincing a person can be.

While obtaining the necessary skills demanded in advertising, I personally have advertised something without realizing it was part of marketing advertising. In high school around prom season, we created drive safe posters for the seniors going to prom. Everyone loves candy, so I created the slogan do not be a dum dum be a smartie. We used candy as a metaphor to get the upperclassman to understand the value of safe driving. To get them to understand our message on safe driving. We went around to classrooms to give a brief speech on safe driving and we handed out dum dum and smarties to the students. Being a creative person, I know my creativity can help grow a marketing advertising company in many ways. If I was to get a job dealing with advertising around any type of business advertisement.

I would be a great asset because I am such a creative person. Not only have advertised academically, I have advertised outside of school. When I was younger my mother made drawstring bags for my sisters and I instead of buying a backpack she made us one. Causing my classmates and teachers to ask where I got my backpack from. Back then kids loved drawstring bags and next thing I know my mom is making bags and giving them to kids. I have always been around some type of advertising set up. Seeing and knowing how to advertise at such a young age, advertising in some way comes naturally. Now understanding the skills needed in the field of marketing I have already been introduced to advertising. Giving me leverage on how to work in the profession of marketing.

To develop the skills in marketing advertisings strategy students must experience with some form of advertisement strategy. Communication is all about speaking with, too, and in front of people. To sell a product we need to strategize how we are going to sell a product and getting consumers to purchase the product we need to talk. Leadership and teamwork go hand in because the student must learn to work with others in a group setting. Working in a group setting we learn how to take on the leadership role. By giving people in group task to take on to complete the process. Analyze, knowledge, and sells also go hand in hand. To analyze is to understand the relationship between information. The idea of analyzing information the student must be capable of knowing what he or she is analyzing.

As for sells, the student needs to know how to get the attention of consumers. So, they can draw the consumer to purchase what he or she is selling or advertising. Finally, in the field of marketing advertising strategy the professor ability to integrate language and literacy into his or her vocabulary in which provides knowledge to the students. We need to define what we are offering to the public to determine what audience we are promoting too. Once we decide what audience we are dedicating our advertisement too. We need to explain how our product or service benefits them in their everyday life.

Giving the benefits of the product we must establish the negative and positives of the product. Because when giving a product or service to consumers they will have pros and cons about the product. Talking about the positives and negatives involved in our advertisement will help us grow. As soon as we know who we are using our advertisement for we must identify our competition. Identifying competition allows us to see what we can offer better to the public. Then we need to determine how much we put into the advertisement. Eventually given the result by our advertisement and see what need to be changed to make the advertisement better. In conclusion, Business Marketing professors must develop an understanding of marketing strategy for development to students. 

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