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Super Size Me tells the story of how the author and director Morgan Spurlock ate only at Mcdonald’s restaurants for a month, gained more than 10 kilograms, and acquired numerous health problems.

Spurlock’s movie was inspired by a dinner with his parents on Thanksgiving in 2002. Leaving the table with a feeling of a full stomach, he turned on the TV, wherein a news release he saw a story about two girls who are suing the McDonalds restaurant chain. “I immediately called Scott (Scott Ambrozy – director of Double Do) and told him my idea. After he stopped laughing, he called it“ a very good bad idea. ”We started like only I returned to New York, “says Spurlock.

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During the filming, Spurlock visited 20 cities in the United States, where he talked with doctors, fitness instructors, cooks, children, lawyers, and local authorities. And almost every one of his interlocutors lamented that the American nation continues to get fat. However, he also met fast food lovers who had eaten several thousand hamburgers in their lifetime.

During the same trip, Spurlock set up an experiment on himself – he ate only what was offered at McDonalds. Trying to become a “regular” shopper, he always agreed to double portions, which restaurant managers advised as a “bargain”. Under the terms of the experiment, he also had to try every product on the menu at least once. An excellent idea of ??the film, which shows how you still need to eat, and what you should eat in such restaurants only on rare occasions, that’s what this film is about, I’m sure every movie fan will like it.

The director underwent a medical examination before filming. Doctors called Spurlock’s health condition good and predicted that eating junk food would not greatly affect his health. Morgan’s girlfriend, a longtime vegetarian, doubted at all that there would be any change.

By the end of his journey, Spurlock had gained more than 10 kilograms. He developed chest pains and shortness of breath, depression and insomnia, and his hands began to shake. By the way, it is worth noting that after this film, the restaurant did not stand idle, it removed this portion from its menu. Analyzes showed significant liver dysfunctions. And Spurlock’s girlfriend noted that in bed he became disgusting. Rough calculations showed that the director’s daily ration when eating at McDonalds was about 6,000 kilocalories with the body’s need for no more than 2,500.

The film is shot with a handheld digital camera and the video quality is far from being a feature film. However, critics say that this is not the main thing – even before its appearance in the box office, the film forced McDonalds to abandon the Supersize trademark.

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