Role Model in my Life

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Role Model in my Life

This essay will reflect on the influence of a personal role model. It will discuss how this individual has impacted the author’s life, the qualities that make them a role model, and the lessons learned from their example. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Communication.

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My mentor would have to be my department manager, Rebecca Davis, she is truly my role model and she is someone I look up to. She is a single mother raising three kids and she is a Chief Operations Manager. Rebecca is a strong and smart, independent person who is someone who finished school and a person many people should look up to, especially if they have the same goals she had when she was in school. My mentor is someone that doesn’t mind all the questions I need to ask.

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Rebecca is willing to help me on which path is not good to take. Rebecca is someone who I am very proud to call my mentor. She has a personality that is similar to mine and I find her easy to understand, with and without any metaphors. She has accomplished many things, most I may want to dabble in myself. 

She provides so much support and facilitates the spirit of a team. She is so skilled at what we do and offers not only emotional but also technical support at the workplace. Being a new team member, and I am so skilled at what we are supposed to do but the manager of our team has always provided chances for me to learn and make mistakes. The tolerance she has been exhibiting is the value I admire from him; it gives team members to develop confidence in what we do, and also it relieves work-related stress induced by very strict managers. 

I would wish to learn her ability to teach new employees technical skills related to what we and share with others with at least half of the tolerance limit she has. That understanding inspires me to learn all I can to ensure I become the best in the team and maybe one day be given a chance to run a team. The synonym for a role model is a mentor and that’s totally describing our relationship. Mentoring is about the development and growth of the individual who wants to reach a certain point.

The team’s manager is not only my role model, she teaches, sponsors, encourages, counsels, and befriends me for the purpose of promoting the latter’s professional and/or personal development. 

I recommend that you also choose your role models. It can be one person, it can be several. It is not important. It is necessary to make sure that these people kindle a light in you that you could give to other people through your work, through your service. My opinion is that there is nothing “dark” about imitation. This is just another type of motivation that will push you to do something bright, inspire new interesting ideas, thereby making your life brighter and more conscious.

People who are your role models should serve as your kind of coach-consultants. Before you take any step in your life along the path of your destiny, always ask yourself the question: “How would my role model act in this situation?” And I am sure that the answer will come and it will bring new fruits of creation to this world.


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