Parents are Role Models

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Updated: Jul 15, 2021
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Parents are Role Models essay

Parents are role models for children! “Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are” – our parents repeated to us from childhood. And we, having become parents, will most likely repeat this to our children. But how relevant is the phrase: – “tell me who your child is, and I’ll tell you who you are” – wondered? Increasingly, you can notice, watching your children, as in a mirror, your reflection of mom and dad. Sometimes, some things and actions are difficult to recognize and realize that we are doing wrong. We close our eyes or try to give ourselves an excuse, but thereby we forget that our children are like a carbon copy that repeats our every move. We also forget that carbon paper does not transfer only good and all that is true to a blank sheet of paper, mistakes and completely unnecessary things are also imprinted, leaving their mark. Our children copy our behavior in the same way that we, their parents, once copied the behavior of our parents. They copy not only words but also facial expressions, gestures and even voice, the slightest intonation. It’s not hard to spot.

Our thoughts and beliefs are combined with habits and actions is what we pass on to our children for on a daily basis. We serve as a model for which they look upward. And it can have both positive and disastrous consequences. It’s good when we serve ourselves patterns of behavior that we would like to see in our children. But sometimes it happens that in spite of their best intentions, we instill in children harmful ideas. For example, in cases where we feel anxiety and trying to protect ourselves from alarming circumstances a protective barrier, we, without wanting to, teach children be afraid of unfamiliar situations, not overcome them. On the contrary, when we ourselves feel uplifted and are ready conquer the whole world, we pass on this courageous attitude and to my children.

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Let’s face it, each of us has good days and “Unsuccessful”. None of us are perfect and we shouldn’t demand this perfection from ourselves. We must, however, realize that we always remain a model for our children, that whatever we do. Our own essence is the key to who ours will become children. If we want our children to be patient, we are at by example must demonstrate patience in
everyday affairs – and not occasionally, but regularly and consistently.

If we want our children to have many friends, we ourselves must have many friends. If we want them to be sympathetic and caring to others, we ourselves should be a model of caring and participation. Therefore, we ourselves must be who want to see our children. Knowing ourselves and realizing that children imitate us in everything, we can if necessary, correct their behavior. The irony of life in that even if we are not ready to change for the better for our own sake ourselves, we will do it for the sake of the children. Thus, children make us more one surprise gift — they encourage us to express ourselves with the best side.

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