There should be more Plus-Sized Models

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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  1. Attention getter: How do you feel when you see women starving themselves? Is this woman approaching her death bed?
  2. Credibility Material: This speech is based on the following sources, i.e. Top Science, Consumption Markets & Closure, Wall Street Journal, Phys World, and HeinOnline.
  3. Tie to the audience: One of these model-aspired women starving and killing themselves might be your mother, sister, or best friend.
  4. Thesis: I will convince you that there should be more plus-sized models today.
  5. Preview: First, I’d like to inform you of the things models have to go through on a daily basis, then why size should not matter, and eventually, how you are showing that you accept the plus-sized model as well as the smaller ones.
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Transition into body of speech: I’ll begin by telling you about the everyday things models go through to be who they are.


A. Women around the world, and even here on the Eastern Shore, are aspired models; however, there’s a list of things these women go through just be glanced at for longer than a second to be exactly like other models.

1. The problem is everyone wants to be alike instead of different.

  • There is need for clear skin, new nails every day, maintain the same weight, barely eat but someone eat 5 times a day.
  • Moisturize, sleep with a face mask, drink water, don’t touch your face, and be consistent in regimes.


  1. Excessive dieting maims a model’s life and career more than it helps (Bad and Beautiful ebook)
  2. The take-home message is that supermodels are both tall and curvaceous, and that dieting will not make you look like a Vogue covergirl (The Lancet).
  3. “I seen a 16 year old model almost kill herself,” says Sannie Pederson. “She ate cotton balls just to survive” (New York Post).


2. Size doesn’t define us a person.

  • Imagine wishing to be smaller, starving yourself, throwing up every day, and finally one day, waking up with the fittest body ever in the world; however, nobody to share your accomplishments with. How would you feel? Sad? Depressed? Determined? Wanting to go back to the way you were before?
  • While you were so focused on being smaller, getting into that size zero instead of working on your relationship, you neglected your spouse. Were so focused on being smaller, that you never realized all your friends were no longer there. There’s nobody there to support you because you pushed them away when you saw the pounds dropping from you like water.
  • When conversing with a friend, Nevaeh Torres, an Eastern Shore native, she told a story about how she used to be “fat” in elementary school but started to diet throughout high school. While admitting to having friends in the beginning motivating her goals, and being a great support system, eventually they started to disperse when she stopped hanging out with them or not inviting them to an outing with the “smaller clique’ as she quoted. “If I could change the way I treated them over their size, I would in a heartbeat.” she voiced.


   2. The average size of American women is a size 14 or up

  • Average-size, attractive models could be used effectively in advertising, which may help to relieve body image concerns amongst heavier women.
  • The appearance of your body does not define you (Nia Shanks.)
  • ”I have been overweight my whole life. It became a problem my senior year of high school. I packed on the pounds. I didn’t care because I was who I was, and I loved me just the way I was. If others didn’t like it, that was their problem,” says Beverly Cutlip
  • Transition 2: I’m sure that you can see the struggles models face to be perfect and how size should not matter. Now I want to help you show all models no matter how tall or short, fat or skinny that they are important.


   3.There are several ways to go about making sure all models feel accepted

  • One, talk with any aspiring model, no matter her size. If she seems down, cheer her up. Don’t let her put herself down. Motivate them, let them know that they can accomplish anything that they put their mind to.
  • Two, try to make it to an audition to serve as a support system. Bring flowers, pictures, candy, a hug, and/or words of encouragement.
  • Transition 3: As you can see, it’s quite short and simple to show support to all models. It can be one of the best things to touch your heart throughout your lifetime.



  1. Signal Ending: I’ve given you some things to think about.
  2. Summary: I’ve told you about the struggles of being a model, how size don’t define you as a person, and ways you can support all models.
  3. Concluding Remarks/End with a bang: I’m going to leave you with one quote that my mother always said to me as I was growing you



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