Racism in the USA

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Updated: Jan 17, 2019
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Racism in the USA essay

Racism has existed in mostly every civilization throughout history. It was a big part throughout America’s history and still till this day we witness it in our everyday lives. Racism in America has progressed significantly during the last decades to the point where is it not extreme but still occurs. It is embedded in old fashioned traditions throughout the country making it hard for it to end. A lot of it has ended due to integration, education, and technology. Technology has helped society become closer to each other and because of that education is created causing less ignorance. Without ignorance racism will come to an end which is a slow process but it will eventually come to an end. There are many places in America in which it hasn’t fully reached causing racism to still exist today, also many families throughout America have old fashioned morals and values causing them to pass down their way of thinking down to their children, making it harder for racism to end completely. Even though racism still exist today many people try to hide the fact that it does and with technology it has gotten much harder to hide it. I personally have seen many situation of racism occur in my life. For example through social media like twitter and in person happening to my parents when they first came to this country as first generation immigrants. I believe more awareness has to be brought to racism to help speed up the process of it coming to an end.

After reading the two articles I see that racism in America is not tolerated at all but it does still occur. Roseanne Barr got her show cancelled by ABC for making a racist tweet and even though the new season to show was a hit ABC did the hesitate to cut off the actor and end the season due to racism. This is a clear representation of how racism has to be handled because it should not be tolerated at all. Bringing more awareness to racism through technology will help racism come to an end but for that people have also help it come to an end. Many people if not all have witnessed racism and prejudice in their lives and many of them do not speak out against it. My perspective on racism after reading the articles did not change but it did further show me that people are capable of putting a stop to it and educating the people that are prejudice towards one another. After reading the articles do you believe racism will ever come to an end?

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