Psychotherapy Treatments of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Talking to a friend, family member, loved one or even a professional may help with a stressful situation in life, and is very common. Psychotherapy is one of the most popular and a very effective treatment for someone suffering from PTSD. Most people suffering from PTSD do some type of psychotherapy, usually one-on-one therapy, group therapy, or a combination of the two. (Cohen, H. 2017). A psychotherapist approach to help someone with PTSD is time-limited and can be successful in about a year by most people with mild to medium symptoms. (Cohen, H. 2017).

Many psychotherapy treatments often involve some temporary discomfort when thinking or talking about the event causing PTSD. The patient receiving psychotherapy has to able to cope with and handle the discomfort; most therapists are aware of this and will help the patient while conducting treatment. (Staggs, S. 2018)

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Psychotherapy is broken down into three steps. Phase 1: Attaining patient safety, lowering and controlling symptoms, and improving competencies, Phase 2: Reassessing traumatic memories, Phase 3: Consolidating the gains. Phase one is all about building, where clinicians use any remedy with proven results to improve: regulating emotions, mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, cognitive restructuring, behavioral changes in behavior, and relaxation. This stage of treatment can help someone in need of critical help and move on to the next phase. Phase two, success of this stage depends on someone’s capability to tolerate the pain of reviewing memories. Patients who have suffered a single incident trauma might even be ready to withstand the exposure with minimal distress tolerance training, while others with more elaborate trauma may need longer treatment in order to enhance skills and support to process their trauma. Phase three, helps patients practice new skills and understand themselves and their traumatic experience; and can also include sessions focused on strengthening skills, expanding support systems, and creating an ongoing care plan.

Personally, several members of my leadership are suffering from PTSD from previous deployments and after asking them about their experience with different treatments they have undergone, the majority said that talking to someone or a group does help them alleviate some of the stress that PTSD causes them.

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