Potential Factors that Influence Abortion

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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When it comes to women and unplanned pregnancies, there are alternatives other than abortions that a woman can use who and go for who isn’t interested in having a child. Adoptions could be one of those alternatives; however, some women can’t bear the thought of actually carrying a child. Therefore, they turn to their only option which is the abortion. For women, there are several reasons that may lead to them wanting to have an abortion.

According to Stacey (2018), there are several reasons to which a woman might consider having an abortion.

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Those reasons could be: not being financially prepared, bad timing, not ready for a child, unplanned, relationship problems with the spouse, already have multiple children, not being emotionally or mentally prepared, the interference of educational and vocational plans, and/or health related issues and/or concerns. Though abortions are looked down upon in the United States, women do have the right to whether or not they want to have abortions. In some states and country, there are legal rules that one must abide by when it pertains to abortions.

According to planned parenthood (2018), in some states and countries, one must be a certain age before they could have abortions. One must also be a certain number of weeks before they could even consider getting an abortion. If an individual is under the age of 18, before they could proceed with the process of getting an abortion, they must first get consent from their legal guardian. In some states, there are cases in which a teen could have an abortion without notifying their legal guardian. This process is known as judicial bypass; the teen can get an abortion only if approved by the judge. According to planned parenthood (2018), in states such as California, Washington, D.C., Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Vermont, abortions could be performed without parental consent. All of the other cities and states within the United States requires teens who are under the age of eighteen to notify both parents and/or a legal guardian forty-eight hour before the abortion takes place. Most teens try to avoid telling their parent(s) that they are pregnant and they feel as if abortions are the only way to get rid of or hide a child. Most teens are shame of getting pregnant and just don’t want anyone to find out, so before their body start to physically develop, they try to rid of the fetus before anyone can find out. There are so many factors and reason to why each individual who might consider having an abortion, has one. Each individual is different and their reason behind it is different.

Though there are factors that might lead to a woman having an abortion, there are also factors that might stop a woman from having an abortion. When it comes to abortions, one particular factor that may interfere with a woman proceeding with an abortion is religion. According to SPUC (2018), an individual does not need to believe in God in order to believe the rights for mankind; however, many religions have their own perspective on whether or not abortions should be performed. Religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam Judaism, and Atheist have their own perspective on abortions.

According to SPUC (2018), since abortions brings about the destruction of one’s life, Buddhism opposes abortions. When it comes to Christianity (Early, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox), they all believe that one’s life is sacred. They all also believe that abortions go against one of the Ten Commandments that simply states, “Thou shalt not kill”. When it comes to Hinduism, they refer to abortions or abortionist as womb killers and great sinners; therefore, they do not believe in abortions also. Islam believes that children who aren’t born have rights and forbids abortions. Judaism forbids abortions but they also state that the only exception for abortions could be is if the mother life and/or health was in danger. Lastly, Atheists believes that abortions go against and violates human rights. Though many people don’t agree with the thought of abortions, women now have the rights to whether they want to carry a child or not.

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