Many Arguments about Abortion

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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In my opinion saying that all arguments about abortion come down to the moral status of the fetus is not correct. There are many other arguments that I think of, before I even begin to question that status of the fetus.

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Also, after writing about it in my forum and learning of other peoples point of views about what they think about abortion has made me come to this opinion. My goal with this paper is to explain my viewpoint on why I think abortion doesn’t come down to the moral status of the fetus. The first question that I ask when considering abortion would be, how did the woman become with child a lot of different scenarios could’ve happened. Was this pregnancy the result of rape? If so, you should ask yourself how you would feel if your mother, spouse or daughter were raped and became pregnant as a result.

Would you want them to have the option of abortion? When looking at this situation, you not only have to consider how difficult it would be for that woman to carry the baby to full term, having a daily reminder of the rape during the entire pregnancy. I also think you must consider; how would that woman be able to raise that child. Every time she had to look at her child, it would remind her of the rape incident. Even if the woman decided to carry her baby to term, had a delivery put her child up for adoption, could still bring issues for the child later in life. Many children who are put up for adoption, decide later in life to look for their biological parents when they become adults. I can only imagine that the person must come to the realization that they were not wanted by their biological parents. Also, if they decided to do some research about who their biological parents are and when and why they were put up for adoption it could lead them to learn that they are the product of rape. That could be devastating news to someone who already may have difficulties dealing with the fact that they just found out they were adopted. Next, you could consider what the social or socioeconomic status of the mother.

Does she have the means to provide for herself throughout the pregnancy? I understand that there are many programs available, but not everyone is willing to take advantage of these opportunities. What issues will the child be born with if the mother does not take care of herself? Is the mother on drugs, if so, is she willing and able to stay clean? There are many things that can affect a child and cause long lasting medical concerns and issues for the child. Finally, I would consider the health of the mother. Does the mother have a medical condition, that if she carries a baby to full term could be life threatening to her? Does the mother have a detrimental medical condition that is known would 100% be passed onto her child? If she does, what are the treatments for that condition and what are the potential outcomes for the child? Stop and think, if you knew you were going to pass on a debilitating disease to your child, and that child would only live a very short time, would you choose to put your child through that possible pain?

In conclusion, I believe that there are many factors you have to consider when choosing to abort a child, and I think it’s more to consider than just the moral status of the fetus. I was bias to this view because I thought abortion should be banned.

Unfortunately, life throws you all kinds of situations that not everyone can handle or choose to handle. I also, believe that there is correct or incorrect answer on this topic because people will always have their own opinion and think their opinion is correct. Depending on people’s cultural norms we will never all be on the same page about abortion.

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