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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Abortion is a really sensitive matter. It is a subject that you ca not talk about with just anybody and the reason being is that everyone has their own point of view for it. Everyone has their own opinion towards abortion. Whether it is to ban abortion or whether to allow it. Fact is, there is no right or wrong answer regarding this matter. Abortion can go both ways good or bad, sometimes it all depends in the situation a woman finds herself in.

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At the end of the day the decision will be in the hands of the woman.

People ask themselves whether abortion is the right decision to make or if it is the one decision they should stay away from. There are many reasons why abortion should be banned. One of the main reasons why and is the most argued reason is people are undecided whether having an abortion is a way of murder or not. Some people may say that having an abortion is not a way of murder due to their mentality that abortion takes place before the fetus even forms into a human baby or as they call it a “real” human. They believe that a fetus is technically not a human until the baby is actually born. In that case birth control would also be considered as a way of murder. After all they are keeping a baby from being made or born. Another way to see this is other people do consider a fetus a baby. They claim that people say otherwise but only to keep them from feeling guilty towards their wrong doings. A good example of this is really simple. When the “fetus” or “baby” whatever you want to see it as makes a sudden move inside a woman’s body such as kicking, what acronym do people usually use to describe what is causing that movement? “baby” or “fetus”? I think we both know the answer to that. “Fetus” or “baby” it is still a life we are taking away.

A decision like abortion is mostly made by young adults or could even be minors. Many people do not agree with minors making a huge decision regarding someone else’s life. There are age restrictions towards many things and abortion is not one of them. Why do young adults feel the need to have an abortion? Well, many of them feel that they do not have the maturity that is needed to take care of another human life knowing that one human life will depend on nobody else but them to make good decisions of life. That is exactly why age restrictions are made to begin with. To keep minors from making big decisions. Although the reasons are very logical mistakes are made often by everyone. Nobody is perfect. It is often expected for minors mainly to make mistakes. Whether is caused by pressure or just an action without any thought before made. Keep in mind that one bad mistake could ruin a young girl’s whole life. In that case she would consider having an abortion. Having a whole life planned ahead for your future being destroyed and all for an act of thoughtfulness. Abortion could help minors reach their life goals. Not only that but it could also be a way of learning a lesson from that mistake, seeing the resulting consequences might get them thinking twice. Think of it as a second chance of life. Not only that but some minors want to have an abortion not just because of the responsibility of motherhood they have to face for the rest of their life, but some to avoid having to tell their parents because they do not know what they will say or do. Other because they worry of what people at school will have to say. After all, they are minors and minors are not use to seeing young girls their age pregnant which will cause bullying. Without abortion these girls will look for other ways to getting rid of the baby. Could be not eating which will lead to bad health to even taking their lives, suicide, which is death.

Abortion is not only a decision people make because they do not want the baby or because they are not ready. Some people decide abortion is the best solution but only because it is putting the mother’s life at risk. Not all females are eligible to have babies. Some women’s health could be in risk trying to deliver a baby or maybe during the 9 months. Carrying a baby can be very difficult for women. Giving birth in general can be painful and dangerous. There have been situations where after a woman has given birth her health and the baby’s health have been at risk. Therefore, they get to the point where saving both lives is impossible. In a case like this the doctor would go ask the husband, since the woman is ill at that moment, the hardest question of he’s life. Whether to save the mother or the baby. Wouldn’t that be considered still taking a life? Whether it is the mom’s or the baby. Nobody wants to be put in that situation. This problem could be avoided simply with abortion. As soon as the mother finds out her life could be at risk, she could have the option of aborting the baby.

Many disagree with abortion saying there could be other options then “killing the baby”. If you are not mature enough or because you are poor and cannot give the baby what it needs, you could probably look into putting the baby into adoption. There are many couples in the world that dream of having a child so they sign up to adopt, which they most likely will wait years in the waiting list. This people are normally people who cannot have children because they have physical problems. Although, many will still disagree with the thought of adoption because they claim that putting your child into adoption will cause the same pain as having an abortion to begin with. After having a baby in your stomach for 9 months straight females seem to get attached to the baby which makes it harder for them to give them up after birth specially for adoption. After giving up their child for adoption many parents, specially females have to live their lives with guilt for leaving their babies. It is also known for both, adoption and abortion, to cause psychological damage to the woman, but mostly and much worse for adoption. That is why it is said for adoptive parents to go searching for their kids whenever they are all grown up in hope of forgiveness and acceptance for their mistake of giving them up.

Banning abortion has many thoughts to it but has anybody really considered that with taking away abortion is literally taking away the rights of a women towards her own body. Who gets control over a woman’s body if she doesn’t have control over it herself? The government. Taking away a woman’s rights like that is like taking away their freedom. Giving the government the right to do that will just lead to more and more control later on in life. If they are being so strict about abortion, what is later on they decide to take away birth control as well? What if motherhood becomes mandatory? All of these end up taking away women’s rights. All it takes is one little law to let the government in and have it all. This law wouldn’t just affect certain woman that are pregnant but could later on affect others or even all.

Abortion cannot always be good and cannot always be bad. Many people have their reasons on the choices they make. Deciding on someone’s life can be one of the most difficult choices to make. It can always depend on the situation they are in at that time. Some girls end up being pregnant but because they got abused of. Of course, they won’t want to keep that child. Banning abortion will sometimes for people to keep children they do not want to keep. That could cause child abuse, violence, not feeding the child. It will all result at the same place, death. So, either way the child would not have a great life. Sometimes it is better to give up the child before it is born then giving them a life they do not deserve. If they do end up trying to get rid of abortion, they should at least consider people’s thoughts about it and reasonings. They just shouldn’t let abortion be such an easy decision to make or to achieve. It is such and easy access to people that’s why that ends up being the first decision they make or think about. Abortion is not a bad thing though it all depends on what people want to see it as.

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