What is Abortion

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Every year, approximately 40-50 million abortions are conducted. That’s about 125,000 little human beings being vacuumed, sucked out, and dissolved, everyday. That’s 1 baby being aborted every 26 seconds. As of 58% of Americans think abortion should be legal.. Only 37% thinks it should be illegal in all, Or most cases. Abortion should be eliminated because it is murder, gives women mental health issues, and can cause high risks in the mother’s future baby’s health.

There are two different types of abortions.

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Medical, and surgical. Suction abortion is surgical. That’s when they take a special vacuum, and suck everything out of your uterus, including, your baby. The other abortion is when they (doctors) give you either a “pill” or.. Give you a shot. That only depends on how long you’ve been pregnant. Usually.. Surgical abortion is done later in the unwanted pregnancy.. But sometimes, there is a risk of a medical abortion leading to a surgical abortion after.

Humans start off as embryos.. And aborting one of them, is the same as murder. Many women don’t think of abortion as murder. Most think it’s just getting rid of something that should’ve never been there, but you see. That is not the case. Humans are put here for a reason.. And getting rid of something unwanted.. Just made life lose another opportunity of something great.

Of course losing someone or something you love.. Hurts, and in a mother’s perspective, it hurts even more.. Even if you didn’t want the baby. Killing someone can really mess you up. Women who had abortion, try to cope with it, and some regret it. Most of the negative feelings after abortion.. Happen because of an interruption of the hormone cycle… leading to guilt, anger, shame, depression, etc.

While abortion gives you high risks of negative mental health.. It can also give you a high risk of your future baby’s health.. If you want to keep your baby.. of course. Abortions damage your cervix, which leads to higher risks of miscarriages in the future, and can cause your baby to be premature.

Abortion is a very serious thing, and it takes a lot of gut to participate in. Abortion has caused many conflicts.. Between family, friends, loved ones. Everyone. Some agree that it should be a thing.. And others, not at all. This is what our world has come to.. But if abortion never were a thing, our world may just be.. A better place, and just as you finished reading this… about 6 human beings, just lost an opportunity of life.

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