Abortion Issue: Saving a Life

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Abortion is a topic that is a controversial issues in the United States today. Abortion is the removal of an embryo from the female’s uterus resulting to the end of pregnancy (dictionary.com). Weather abortion is legal or not women around the world have tried to end their pregnancies. Women having an abortion are jeporadizing their safety and health by self inducing or seeking illegal product. This procedure is done by a licensed healthcare professional.

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The procedure is done by a licensed healthcare professional. Abortions should not be legalized because women are affected mentally and physically.

Although, each person is different, the reaction of one woman to an abortion at a spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical level will certainly be different from that of another. These effects may vary over time, depending on the post-abortive person’s mental health. A woman can have both positive and negative feelings about her choice after the procedure. Even though the procedure is over it is typical to feel immediate relief. The woman can also feel empty or guilt, wondering if she made the right decision. Abortion procedures include uterine wall suction and scraping, forceps insertion into the cervix and uterus, and the use of a sharp tool inside the uterus. Forceps are an operational tool that uses a pair of tongs to remove the fetus. There will be complications for about 1 in 100 women who have an early abortion (Advice and Aid). 1 in 50, women will have complications for later pregnancy abortions (Advice and Aid). During the procedure the women may experience complications that include excessive bleeding, abdominal pain and cramping after the procedure, and infection of the uterus or blood. By getting an abortion the procedure can affect future pregnancy, also mental health and can result in death.

What do you do when you are pregnant, but you know that you are not ready to raise a baby? You can find yourself choosing between adoption or abortion. Rather than having the option to abort a women should choose to give up the child to someone who can not conceive. In the United States, the percentage of infants given up for adoptions has decreased from 9% of born before 1973 to 0.5% of those born in 2014(Oberman). When women are not putting their child up for adoption numbers were dropped from around 90,000 in 1971 to 18,329 in 2014 (Oberman). 2.6 million, Americans are seeking to adopt. Women have a responsibilty and need to accept the consequences for their actions. Even if contraceptive methods are used, sexual intercourse carries the risk of pregnancy with it. Not to punish the unborn child for the error of an irresponsible adult. If women are unprepared to take care of their children, other options should be sought, not including abortion. It is immoral to kill an unborn child for convenience. The Guttmacher Institute reported that 45% of abortion women had at least one previous abortion each year, while 8.6% of abortions reported to the Disease Control and Prevention Centers in 2014 were subject to women who had three or more previous abortions. (Con and Pro). This result suggests that many women use abortion irresponsibly.

A recent study in Denmark, for example, seems to show a higher incidence of premature death among women who have had an abortion compared to women who give birth. The study tracked a group of women over a 25-year period, finding that those who had experienced a single abortion had a mortality rate that was 45% higher over that period than those who carried babies to full term (Bohon,132). What does that mean? Women’s death rates for subsequent abortions increased dramatically, with women having two abortions having 114% higher chances of morality during the study period, and women with three or more abortions facing a 192% chance of premature death (Bohon,132).

According to the Organization Aid Access, this is an online service that provides prescriptions for abortion including medications through the mail to women in the U.S. The online service provided prescriptions for medicinal abortion worldwide in counties where the practice is illegal. Rebecca Gomperts, Women’s Web and Aid Access founder, said she was inundated with women’s requests in the U.S. and other countries where abortion is legal. Although the World Health Organization and other organizations that support abortion insists that Women’s work on Web and Aid Access is not only legal but safe, the reality is that, besides that abortion ends the unborn child’s life, chemically induced abortions can lead to serious complications for the mother. This procedure makes abortions at home more dangerous than those performed in a clinic (Senz).

In Conclusion, Abortion should not be legal because it can lead to women’s medical complications and physical trauma. Abortions can lead to a variety of problems that we as humans cannot imagine. When living in this world, it’s all about humanity and having a responsibility for our behavior, so we can take care of ourselves, especially women, without harming our physical and mental health.

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