“Do our Think that Babies are Adorable?”

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Do you only want to hold them and love them? Well, imagine that their mothers decided to end their lives before it began. This is what abortion is. Abortion shouldn’t be legal, it could be classified as murder, it’s the parents job to care for the child, and it could hurt the mother.

Abortion could be considered murder. According to TrueLife, “Abortion is the willfull killing of an unborn child.” (Does) In order to have an abortion the mother must give consent, the doctor can help the mother decide but in the end it up to the mother.

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This unborn child could have solved world hunger, this child could have done something amazing, according to BBC, “It is wrong to destroy potential life.” (Ethics) Instead of letting it become something great, it’s mother kills it. This sound like murder, according to Webster Dictionary, “Murder is the unlawful killing of a person and abortion is the termination of pregnancy which kills the fetus.” (Murder) Children are considered human, therefore an unborn child is still human. Abortion may be legal in some states but in other states it is unlawful. In those states because it’s against the law to get an abortion, an abortion would be considered murder.

It is the parents job to care for the child.This may mean putting the baby up for adoption. Knowledge is very important, according to Medium, “Children learn more from observing and experiencing than by words.” (Surendra) If children don’t have the option to observe and learn, they will end up dead with nothing. They deserve to learn and grow. The more they learn the more potential they have. According to KidsHealth, “Young kids learn a lot by watching their parents.” (Nine) If a child’s parents gives up on the child before giving the child a chance the child will not learn. Like previously stated the child will be dead with nothing. If the parents aren’t in a good position they can put the baby up for adoption, therefore the baby lives and the parents don’t need to worry about them, according to American Adoption, “If a parent decides to put the baby up for adoption they have the opportunity to pick the adoptive family.” (American) The parents can have the assurance of knowing that their child is safe and well cared for.

An abortion could hurt the mother. There are some cases in which a mother may need to get an abortion, those are understandable. If a mother is considering an abortion she should know the consequences, according to American Pregnancy, “Abortion can emotionally affect the mother by giving her disorders such as depression and anxiety.” (Possible) It is important to know things like that because the decision may be different if this knowledge is spread. It is important to know and understand that the abortion may hurt the mother, according to Advice and Aid, “Abortion can cause infections in the uterus or blood.” (The) If the mother gets infected they will no longer be able to have children. This may be what they are aiming for, that is their decision. Another fact comes from EPM, “A woman who has an abortion increases her risk of breast cancer by minimum of 50 percent and as much as 300 percent.” (Does) If mother’s know that they are extremely likely to get cancer, they may not get an abortion.

Maybe an abortion is the best decision for the mother, but it is important for her to know that it will hurt people. The mother needs to know that it doesn’t just kill the baby it hurts her. She must be well informed. If a mother is considering and abortion, please make sure that they know the risk. There are other options, this baby deserves to live. It hasn’t proven otherwise. The more babies that aren’t allowed a chance at life, the more of a population decrease we have. This is not the best way to solve world hunger. Abortion shouldn’t be legal, it could be classified as murder, it’s the parents job to care for the child, and it could hurt the mother.”

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