My Father is an Example for me to Follow

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Updated: Jun 22, 2022
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After being a witness to the growth and development of my fathers business since a young age, I have developed a keen interest in the world of business and marketing. On many occasions I accompanied my father to work and experienced many different aspects of business. I frequently witnessed my father market his business using numerous different strategies, a few being social media marketing and web design. This is what drove my interest greatly and that was the moment I realised I would like to pursue a career in the business sector, narrowing it down to marketing, and therefore hopefully study a marketing degree.

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During my time at college, I decided to study sociology, religious studies and health and social care. I am aware that these subjects do not directly relate to marketing, however I can assure you that all 3 subjects especially sociology have taught me some valuable information about how society operates, and what influences the way in how us humans think, which I very well know is extremely important when associated with marketing. After leaving college I decided to go out in the world of work as I was keen to discover new opportunities. I decided that the skills I have gained were most suited to retail, therefore I currently work part time in a local petrol station. On numerous occasions, I myself have promoted a number of different products to customers in the case of boosting sales and profits, and also increasing brand awareness. I managed to do this quite successfully, and without doubt it is definitely one of the most dominant reasons of why I want to pursue a career in marketing.

Ever since a young age I believe I have always been a good persuader. I pretty much managed to talk my way into getting whatever I wanted, and I know that is definitely a skill which takes quite a lot of practice. I know that persuasion skills can be extremely powerful and when used in marketing it can make a huge difference, for example by persuading potential clients to believe that you will do the best job.

Knowing that marketing is one of the most fastest growing industries in the world was in itself enough to grab my attention. With technology rapidly advancing I know that this is a huge factor in the growth and development of modern marketing. As a social media user myself I have witnessed a vast growth in social media/digital marketing. I am very well aware of how effective social media marketing can be, and if executed to a high standard it could make a remarkable difference to a business. I want to be the reason why a business is successful by being responsible for developing and managing marketing campaigns that will promote a business and its products successfully.

As I have mentioned earlier, my father is one of the most dominant reasons of why my interest in marketing developed. I have always been keen on helping my father with his business, whether it was delivering leaflets in local areas or answering the phone and taking payments during busy periods. I know that these busy periods would not have taken place if it wasn’t for successful marketing. From my own experience I know that marketing can make or break a business. All these leaflets, newspaper ads, social media posts etc. are the reason why customers are drawn to a business.

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