Father as Influential Person

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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So much is given. Much is required. Generational curses today — have been disturbed. Because as a young woman, I once walked without my father. As a young woman, I once walked in the streets of Houston Texas with lonely thoughts. But today, the young woman who walked that quiet out there is still standing up, except she is stronger than ever before. A sense of humbleness, compassion, and selflessness overcame me as I grew to understand that my father MUST keep on going to work so that he is able to put bread on our table.

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For the first time, my father stayed with us. He stayed with all 4 of us. All the generations that preceded us could never do the same. Alas, generational curses have been broken.

These are things you usually read about. These are things that are considered tragic stories that go on in our world about how fathers leave their families. But fathers don’t leave — the world pushes them out. My father wanted to be there for us every single night but if he did not keep working, that could not have happened. When a man buys in to protect his family no matter what the circumstances are, I am referring to the same person that gave up everything he had to see a smile on my face. I’m talking about the person who never had time to watch TV or ride a bike with me because he was so busy praying so hard for our lives to get a tad bit easier. I’m talking about the person who never wanted to say no to me because he was afraid of failing me as a father. So I understand now — for the first time ever — that all the time my father was away from me, it was not because he didn’t love me. It was because he stood for something. He stood for the concept that one day, we can live a better life without the pain of having to decide whether or not it was best to let go.

Because of my father, I dedicate a path of personal improvement and the formation of a committed individual who promotes good character. I strive to build a self that I can be proud of and others can look up to. The hope to be a caring, hardworking, inspiring, and influential individual flows within me. I want to be someone who tries to change the world and succeeds in changing someone’s life. I have much to owe my father, and I am determined to repay all that he has given me through all I accomplish and who I become. My future that I dream of will solidify into reality as I step closer with his faith, and I will not give up on this mission as long as my family is here to inspire me and urge me to achieve the highest in anything that I dream of. Through my father’s love, inspiration, and devotion, I hope to become the woman who will help change the world.

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