My Dream Job Civil Engineer

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Directly from my youth, my fantasies was to turn into a structural Engineer, there was a period specifically when I was going with my folks along the waterway Niger connect and as a child I was thinking about how conceivable it was for a gigantic scaffold to be developed above water. Proceeding with the excursion, the street was extremely terrible and we nearly had a mishap because of one of the profound potholes among many, later On I became more acquainted with the reason for the awful street which was the unsatisfactory work done by the project workers and I accepted on the off chance that I could one day become a guaranteed engineer I would help save the existences of suburbanites going along the streets. This caused me to start to envision the amount more prospects of designing we can accomplish in Nigeria and how I can understand my fantasies about turning into an Engineer sometime in the future. Since the time then I had the objective of turning into a structural Engineer.

Scarcely any years back I watched a narrative about the development of the incomparable BURJ AL-ARAB in Dubai toward the start of the narrative I considered how one of the world tallest structures could be built on a fake island and what was the interaction or speculations which could achieve the structure, subsequent to hearing from the Engineers and designer chat on the difficulties they confronted and how they could beat the minds of the designing scene and the achievement they made with their group of architects.

Subsequent to watching the narrative I saw what prospects of Engineering which gave the solution to my minds for quite a long time about how enormous designs were assembled and I came to comprehend the abilities of designing and how it will help make a superior world. This enlivened my fantasies to turn into an Engineer, Hoping one day my fantasies will come through and help carry improvement to my country with world standard capabilities.

  • What I don’t like about this job is having to go out to the job site and on occasion have to climb on structures. How would you like to be up on a 60-story building on a cold, windy day, with the danger of falling off the structure? No, you might not fall off the structure because you have fences and guard rails to protect you. But that thought is always with you.”
  • “Few people understand the technical and science aspect of what you do. And that gets to be frustrating: having to deal with people that don’t understand the requirements of your job.”
  • “We’re constantly having to redo the work in order to get the job done on a cost effective basis. So your first design may not be your last. You may be doing things over, and over, and over again to get what the client wants.”
  • “I really like to design structures of all kinds—buildings including hospitals, schools, but most importantly skyscrapers. It is really thrilling to go into a downtown area and see the skyscrapers that you’ve designed.”
  • “We work in a really nice environment in an office, a clean office with friendly people and challenging projects.”
  • “I like doing this project because few people are trained to do what I do.”


  • should take courses in math, science, computer science, and English.
  • must have at least a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a really close related field, like Geotechnical or structural engineering
  • if you have a master’s degree or PhD, it can improve your chances of advancement
  • Graduate students tend to specialize in one area of civil engineering, such as geotechnical engineering.
  • Employers strongly recommend that students gain as much experience as possible in high school and college, through internships, co-ops, and summer jobs.
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