Application Letter: Entry Level- Engineer

22 September 2017,

Hiring manager,

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Sargent Lundy,

Chicago, IL60603.

Re: Entry level- Engineer

Dear hiring manager,

I humbly take this opportunity to apply for the position of Associate Electrical Engineer which was advertised on the company’s website.

Am in my finalacademic year of college and will be graduating with a degree inBachelor of Science particularly in electrical and computer engineering at ___________.

In addition to my major, I am also pursuing a minor in mathematics. I have experience of working a summer internship during which I had a chance to work with SCADA and CMMS systems during my role as a deployment engineer at JP Morgan Chase & C. Am a very industrious and highly motivated fellow who is capable of executing tasks perfectly ahead of the deadline without being supervised. While working as an intern, I was able to acquire problem solving skills which I would adopt once recruited as an Associate Electrical Engineer at Sargent Lundy Chicago, IL in order to enhance the company in getting solution to operational challenges affecting the company. Being a very social and approachable person, I would associate and interact very well with my fellow employees in order to help the organization to achieve its goals.

I have experience of working on a cash register and this has impacted me with mathematical mind while enhancing my communication skills. In addition to the above information, am always inspired by the desire to continue learning hence if granted the opportunity, I will strive to acquire new skills which will help me to improve my level of expertise continuously.Am confident enough to acknowledge that am an outstanding candidate for the position of the Associate Electrical Engineer in your company.

I will appreciate very much if my professional profile and personal traits suits your requirements. Am hoping that soon you will contact me through my mobile number or my email to invite me for an interview. Am looking forward for your response.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely _____________________

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