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Titanic: a Closer Look – Film Summary and Analysis

Words: 1739 Pages: 6 9310

The Titanic was a film like no other, offering audiences all aspects that they love to watch in one movie. It included a compelling love story based on a historical reference of the sinking of the Titanic. The Titanic offered a captivating story the was based on the real-life events on the sinking of the […]

Topics: Film, Movie, Popular culture

My Favorite Movie and why

Words: 489 Pages: 2 4496

The Schack is a Christian drama based on the novel of William P. Young The Shack is my favorite movie ever, it tells the story of a heartbroken father called Mack Phillip which had an abusive father. During a camping trip with his three children, his older children fall accidentally into the river from their […]

Topics: Christianity, Fiction, Freedom of Religion, Movie

Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto”: a Critical Analysis

Words: 598 Pages: 2 1851

Mel Gibson’s 2006 film Apocalypto serves as a gateway in exploring civilizations and their comparable demise. The rich and vibrant culture of Mayan civilization have been under much academic scrutiny about its shortcomings and collapse. In an attempt to preserve the authenticity of the culture, Mel Gibson took inspiration from ruins such as the Tikal […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Movie Analysis of Slumdog Millionaire

Words: 613 Pages: 2 1941

Slumdog Millionaire is a 2008 drama film directed by Danny Boyle and written by Simon Beaufoy. It stars Dev Patel as Jamal Malik, a young boy raised in poverty from the Mumbai slums, Freida Pinto as Latika, and Madhur Mittal as Salim K. Malik, Jamal’s older brother. In this film, 18-year-old Jamal Malik answers trivia […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Shakespeare in Love Movie Review

Words: 590 Pages: 2 3948

The young and spirited Viola De Lessep (played by Gwyneth Paltrow)is but a fictional cinematic creation. Many Shakespeare scholars claim Anne Hathaway was the light, love and muse during Shakespeare’s entire adult life. There is a great scene where the Queen exclaims that a playwright has finally portrayed true love, exalting Romeo and Juliet’s as a timeless play […]

Topics: Movie, William Shakespeare
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The Monster King Kong Film Review

Words: 1339 Pages: 4 1891

The Monster I am writing about is King Kong. A good movie can either be captivating or thrilling depending on the plot of the movie. like the thrill of a rollercoaster, so is that thrill that comes from watching the King Kong movie. It’s both captivating as well as intriguing. Additionally, sense that it provides […]

Topics: Monster, Movie

The Story of Stuff

Words: 569 Pages: 2 4250

Four main issues have been discussed in the fourth chapter, “Consumption” of The Story of Stuff. The four themes are discussed below: Unhappy People, Nation, and PlanetAnnie emphasizes that many stuff doesn’t make us happy but the work done out of hard work makes one satisfied thus one is happy. She goes further to say […]

Topics: Consumerism, Economy, Movie, Sustainability

The Evil Queen and Maleficent Character Analysis

Words: 443 Pages: 1 1779

Two evil characters in two different Disney movies. Many people believe that their differences are very prominent. The Evil Queen fed Snow White a poison apple that put her under a spell because the Evil Queen wanted to be the fairest of them all. Maleficent put a spell on Aurora, by pricking her finger on […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

The Ethical Puzzle of Casablanca

Words: 1896 Pages: 6 1553

“Here’s looking at you kid,” was one of the most famous lines to come from the movie Casablanca. This movie is gearing up to celebrate its seventy-seventh year as a reigning classic. Casablanca was considered an American romance drama that many fell in love with when it premiered in 1942. The production team wanted to […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Outbreak Vs. Contagion: Critical Analysis

Words: 2102 Pages: 7 1719

The movie Outbreak takes place 30 years in the past in Africa, American doctors come to a small village that appears to have been infected by a disease. The doctors witness many people dying and they promise to help the people out and send help, but instead they sent an airplane that bombed the whole […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Social Theories in the Breakfast Club

Words: 2363 Pages: 8 1837

“You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, the most convenient definitions. As a brain, athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal. Correct? (Hughes, 1985)” The opening scene, the very first line, students of Shermer High School are categorized and stereotyped. A high school is a system, the […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

V for Vendetta: Unveiling the Mask

Words: 1880 Pages: 6 1893

It’s July 23rd and as I sit in the computer lab at CSUSB I contemplate through my old essays trying to gain some insight or topics for the research on this third final essay. I stared at the Essay 1 prompt and skimmed briefly through the passage. I then quickly pulled out my Final Essay […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

My Sister’s Keeper Movie Review

Words: 562 Pages: 2 2014

Ever feel like you were just made to be “spare parts” to save your sister’s life, against your will? Can’t relate? Hopefully, that is a good thing. In My Sister’s Keeper, about a child that was genetically engineered to save her older sister who was dying from leukemia tells the story just about that. Anna […]

Topics: Child, Entertainment, Movie

The Main Rules in Horror Films

Words: 462 Pages: 2 2019

Horror films set of rules is not clearly defined like other genres instead the horror film genre is most recognizable by the emotional effect It has on its viewers. When viewers go into a horror movie, they expect a certain feeling of authenticity, a way for them to feel as if they are there so […]

Topics: Film, Movie

Analysis of “The Patriot” and “The Alamo”

Words: 560 Pages: 2 3985

In the movie, the patriot the villain and the hero are cartooned in a unique but generalized manner. The film depicts Americans as brave, valiant and devoted as the patriots that are described in the film. This makes most of the American characters like Benjamin Martin is enshrined as a hero. Initially, he is not […]

Topics: Military, Movie, War

Film Review: Gladiator is One of those Historical, Epic Films that you Never Forget

Words: 1217 Pages: 4 1881

The Gladiator movie is a historical movie about the ancient Roman Gladiator games. The movie received good reviews from consumers and movie review companies but just how accurate was it to the actual Gladiator games? A few things that are talked about are Marcus Aralias, how gladiators became gladiators, how fighters intimidated each other, the […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Disney Movies: Symbolic Interaction, by Aladdin

Words: 1043 Pages: 3 1758

Aladdin is the story of a poor, young man who has become a thief along with his monkey companion and best friend, Abu, in order to have enough food to eat. His life is changed when he meets Princess Jasmine, a young woman who ran away from the palace walls in hope of being free […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Why does Tom Cheat on Daisy

Words: 1832 Pages: 6 5332

We must pay tribute to the creators of the movie “The Great Gatsby”. The film turned out to be very beautiful. The picture is simply mesmerizing. But in this analysis, I would like to pay attention not to the visual component of the film, but to the relationship between the characters. Not everyone will be […]

Topics: American literature, Fiction, Film, Movie, Novel, The Great Gatsby

Titanic Movie

Words: 980 Pages: 3 5946

The magnitude of this tragedy has captivated millions of people. Three movies have been made about this tragic event but James Cameron’s Titanic is by far the most renowned. Released in 1997, the movie touched countless people and led St. Louis Dispatch reporter Joe Holleman to say, ”Take one of history’s most compelling tragedies, tell […]

Topics: Characterization, Movie, Tragedy

The Greatest Showman Movie Review

Words: 929 Pages: 3 2029

The Greatest Showman by Michael Gracey is a biography/musical of P.T Barnum’s life. The film came out December,20 2017 and made $435 million at the box office even though their budget was $84 million. The main stars in this movie are Michelle Williams (Charity Hallett), Zendaya Coleman (Anne Wheeler), Zac Efron (Phillip Carlyle) and Hugh […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Meaning of Life in the Life of Pi Movie

Words: 1181 Pages: 4 4317

One may believe that the Life of Pi is just a movie about a boy’s story of losing his family, being lost on a boat for a significant amount of time and surviving. In actuality, this is a story of following a boy’s internal conflict to defeat his inner demons and reach dharma. We see […]

Topics: Faith, God, Hinduism, Life of Pi, Meaning of Life, Movie

Similarities and Differences between the Lion King and Hamlet

Words: 1700 Pages: 6 2119

William Shakespeare was one of the most influential English writers during the 15th and 16th century. The works of Shakespeare consisted of tragedy, poetry, historical, and comedy. During his life, Shakespeare had written hundreds of poems, quotes that are used to date, and over 30 + plays. Since then these plays have been remade into […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

The Terrors of Family Ties in Coraline

Words: 486 Pages: 2 1741

Coraline is an animated stop-motion film that was written by Neil Gaiman and released in 2009. The film depicted a young girl named Coraline who explores her new home. She discovers a secret, miniature door. The door is a portal to an alternate reality where everything is how she wants it: her neighbors are interesting, […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Avatar Imperialization

Words: 440 Pages: 1 3727

Have you ever wonder why evil people always try to claim something that is already claimed by another person or group of people? The sky people traveled to this world that was extraordinary called pandora, they wanted to mine all of the rich resources. They came across this tribe called the na’vi who lived on […]

Topics: Africa, American literature, Fantasy, Fiction, Movie

The Types of Parenting Style in Film Matilda

Words: 1061 Pages: 4 1982

Matilda is a kid’s movie from the nineties about an adopted baby. The leading character was an uncommon and profound young lady, called Matilda who was happened to end up in the wrong family. In Matilda’s adoptive family it was Harry and Zinnia and her more established sibling Michael who additionally was extremely mean to […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Girl Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen

Words: 982 Pages: 3 1743

Girl, Interrupted is an American psychological film and memoir based on true events of Susanna Kaysen’s life. Over the course of her life and her stay in a mental hospital, she experiences three major stages; mental health, friend influence and self-esteem. Susana Kaysen is only eighteen years old at the beginning. She is an intelligent […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Marvel’s the Avengers Film Analysis

Words: 669 Pages: 2 1810

So far Marvel’s greatest movie brings all big superheros together. Was it worth it? Avengers: Infinity War was released in April 2018 by Marvel Studios. Avengers: Infinity War is the third Avengers-movie from Marvel. So far The Avengers has been the highest-crossing movie from Marvel but Infinity War beated it and rised to be fourth […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Moonlight Movie Review & Film Summary

Words: 2296 Pages: 8 5931

In a world where evil seems to lurk around every corner, social media is used to hide authenticity, and political anxiety rages, Moonlight reminds viewers that humanity can prevail through it all. A coming of age story of a black, gay, and poor boy named Chiron living in 1980s Miami, the film is a visual, […]

Topics: Beauty, Emotion, Empathy, Human Nature, Movie

The Transition and Use of Color in Film 

Words: 1636 Pages: 5 2073

Color has and forever will be a large part of art as a whole. Each color creates a very specific feeling to each person and means something different to everyone across all cultures and communities. Every color that one sees every single day was very specifically chosen to be in that place and that’s how […]

Topics: Film, Movie

Saving Private Ryan: the History about the WW2

Words: 657 Pages: 2 1838

Saving Private Ryan is a War film set during the storming of Normandy in WWII. It was written by Robert Rodat and directed by Steven Spielberg. It is based around efforts to recover Private James Ryan from the setting of war and get him back into his mother’s arms following the deaths of his three […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie
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