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Forrest Gump was a movie released two decades ago, in 1994. The era when the new technologies had grown on people and changed their lives entirely. This movie was considered an American- classic and was one of the beloved movies ever made. The movie was highly enjoyed and appreciated by the critics and commenders.

The film won numerous awards and recognitions such academy awards for Best Director – Robert Zemeckis, Best Picture, Best Actor – Tom Hanks and more. I would say that this movie helped Tom Hanks launch as a rising star in the Hollywood industry and a great stepping stone for his acting career. A movie that represented the people, rich culture and major events in history that made the United States.

The movie started with a boy named Forrest Gump named after one of his ancestors who died bravely fighting for his country. Forest was called different compared to everyone else due to his low IQ level which was 75. But his mama always told him, “you are no different than the others” all the time to make strong as he often got bullied at school for being disabled. Though he was not “normal”, nothing stopped him achieving what he wanted.

He started as a little boy with leg braces and as the movie progressed his achievements were beyond any normal person’s grab. He could run, which helped him get into college and be the first in his family to be a college graduate. His journey after his graduation was very interesting, he got drafted for the U.S Army, went to Vietnam for war, meeting the presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. A short 2-hour movie was able to grasp important events in the history of the US. Forrest was a part of the economic, social, political changes which occurred during the 1960s-1980s.

Forrest’s character throughout the movie is innocent and honest. He always wanted good for all the people in his life which was only a handful. Jenny his first love, mama, Bubba was a black man who got drafted into the military even though they started as strangers by the end Bubba ended up being Forrest’s brother and finally Lieutenant Dan who was his senior at the Vietnam war. Jenny’s character portrayed the teenagers in the 1960s, a troubled girl turned to drugs in order to escape her terrible life. Bubba and Forrest became brothers and the inter-racial acceptance is slowly growing.

Dan’s life is an example of the soldiers who came back home injured. The United States Army had turned their backs on those poor soldiers and their families. And finally, mama, from the start mama was a strong woman. She could’ve represented all those breadwinning women that took care of their family without a man aka stereotype of men making money and women cooking was changing. These are just a few of the connections that could be made from the movie. I would argue that the use of simple English made it easier for people to understand the film.

Even if even he is special, Forrest tries to be an ideal American man which is being a good son to his mama, have good relationships with his friend Buba and Lieutenant Dan, standing up for what is right for example, whenever Jenny got mistreated, he would jump in, and be a good father to his son. He always tried to live a simple life, even after becoming rich.

Being the owner of the shrimp business, investment in Apple, etc., made Forrest one of the richest people yet he takes the bus or runs to his destination. He gave part of the money to Buba’s family, to charities, hospitals just making the whole community better. Despite being different Forrest is able to understand people and their problems, and handles the situation accordingly which is great quality. Might lack in critical thinking but his ability in displaying maturity and emotional intelligence are commendable.

One of the repeated dialogues from the movie is “run Forrest run”. This can be viewed as a way of saying moving on? Move forward always and don’t let anyone catch you. And he did, he did not let the bullies in his life stop him. He won the medal of honor after the Vietnam War, meet presidents which is a great honor, was in the all-American football team and ping pong team, Forrest went to China to play a ping pong tournament as a sign of peace, owned shrimping business and finally be an inspiration to the people.

He was just being himself, not wanting fame or recognition but he earned it for his actions. And his inspiration was his mama, Forrest loved and respected her. She taught Forrest that he has to choose his own path and that no one can stop you. Even on her death bead, mama told him something very important, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get”. Destiny is similar to a box of chocolates, no one knows what you will get, just have to wing it.

Forrest Gump is a movie that very well deserved the recognition and awards. The special character was able to show kindness, love, and bravery for which situation he was put in. Spreading love even for the ones who disrespected him. Forrest was there for his people at good and bad times. An American-classic movie that relates to United States history. The character Forrest is made in a way that anyone can relate to him which makes this movie every emotional and meaningful. Another important message that is conveyed through the film is to never give up hope. Just run, run forward with your life and be kind and happiness will follow you.

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