Martin Luther – Real Lessons of the Catholic Church

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Martin Luther, who was a man from Germany and a former element of a religious community in a church, established the Protestant Reformation, which was believed to be a powerful and disputable event in Christianity’s history back between 1501 and 1600 Common Era. Luther began to have skepticism about a portion of the fundamental precepts of the Roman Catholicism and his supporters before a long breakup from the Roman Catholic Church to start the Protestant Convention. As a result, Luther’s activities were under way to a change inside the church.

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As Martin Luther being an unmistakable scholar, one of Luther’s goals was the craving for individuals to feel nearer to God drove him to make a simplification of the Bible that transformed into the language of the general population. Therefore, drastically changed the relationship between chapel pioneers and their supporters. Through the complaints that were made against the church, the reforms that Martin pursued and the results of the protests made Martin Luther perceive that the Christians were spread through confidence and not by their own endeavors, which made him change the way of his thinking about the real lessons of the Catholic Church.

Luther had many main principle objections that were against the church. Firstly, one of the problems were that the congregation should not have administered the general correspondence, the people’s wrongdoings (were as known as sins) ought not to be pardoned through installments to the church “The equitable will live”, and that only the beauty of God ought to probably spare a person. Luther did not agree with the idea that the people bought gratification, which resulted in lessen of their punishment after their deaths. This would be the beginning of the disagreement and was the main idea of the 95 Theses. Secondly, Martin Luther considered that the Christians themselves must hold the bible alone as the Catholics instruct that divine disclosure is conveyed through sacred writing and convention. For example, before the New Testament was recorded, the Catholics contend the alive convention such as rehearses and oral stories were established. Instances of Catholic custom incorporate administrative abstinence, spiritual reliability and the unimpaired origination of Jesus’ mother Mary. In any case, Luther instructed that the Bible was known to be the origin of declaration and opposed any extra customs. Thirdly, Martin Luther realized that the Catholic Church was doing a mistake in preservation. Luther trusted individuals that were spared by confidence and it was the synopsis of the teachings of Christianity. Unfortunately, today the Catholic Church has failed to understand the situation. Nonetheless, Catholics trust their protest of “faith alone”, which has been misjudged. Catholics would state genuine confidence that could not be isolated, and Catholics concur that its elegance permits preservation.

The reforms that Martin Luther pursued was the format of the 95 Theses idea and many of the Catholics were adjusted in several ways such as the establishment of gestures that it brought several ways of meaning to be able to make rich donations to the renovation of the church. Another example of reforms that occurred in real life was the Progressive Era of the United States back from 1890 to 1920. During that time, the Progressive movement was established, as they have figured out a way to solve problems such as women suffrage, industrialization and urbanization. Women’s suffrage was an event where women were considered being house wives, to cook and clean their houses. Women have fought for their own right to educate themselves, get jobs and work in sectors of companies as men do. Education was the second part since there was the establishment of equality in education for all people, no matter where they were from, their skin color or gender. Industrialization was the third part in the progressive era movement where the north part of the United States was industrialized, and the south had the lack of industrialization in different areas. Urbanization was part of the progressive era movement where people, who lived in rural areas, did not have all the activities, job opportunities and benefits.

People from rural areas had to move to big cities to benefit from activities and job opportunities that was propounded to the society. Another example of a reform was the Berlin wall in Germany, where the wall was divided into East and West Germany. East Germany was a communist territory and West was more of a direct democracy territory. East Germany did not let its people move to the West because they wanted their own people to get interested in their own activities and benefits. The fact of the matter is that East Germany had a bad economy, miserable environment, and people were not given human rights. As a result, there Berlin Wall was torn down and all the people from the East emigrated to the West, thus ending the communist rule from the Russians. The progressive Era can be related to the Berlin Wall situation, where the women from the Progressive Era in the USA had suffrage such as not being offered job opportunities and had to stay at home as a house wife; the Berlin Wall situation was the East Germany had communist rule, where people suffered from all directions and West Germany had better life such as equality and freedom. In addition, they were direct democracy means Government cares about the people and their futures.

In conclusion, Martin Luther’s protest resulted in an enormous turmoil around the peasants and the church. With Martin Luther’s complaints against the church, the pursuit to find solutions to the church problems and protest that ended like massive waves all made one point: when the voice of the people is heard, they care about the laws, government and their own country.

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