Problem of Legalizing Gay Marriage

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Legalizing gay marriage is one of the most controversial topic in the United States. Because Gay marriage is illegal in some states, it is impossible for thousands of people to get married. It doesn’t matter if your ,gay,lesbian,bisexual,trains or straight Your still human and all love is equal. Whether you like it our not it’s there life and they have the right to make their own decision. If gay marriage were to be legal it would make This controversial problem so easy to solve.

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Legalizing gay marriage will diminish youth suicide. One of the main reasons why teenagers are committing suicide are due to the child being bullied at their school as a result of his or her sexual orientation.

From the article it states “LGB youth seriously contemplate suicide at almost three times the rate of heterosexual youth. Teens committee suicide everyday because they are bullied about their sexuality. From the article it also states “ Certain young Americans in particular, are at increased risk of dying by suicide. Gay lesbian and bisexual youth attempt to take their lives a rate four times higher than heterosexual teenagers.” (Elizabeth Strassner)(

The same acceptance that will come about due to legalizing gay marriage will show teens that homosexual is accepted and respected in society. Most adoption agencies discriminate against gay couples and makes it incredibly difficult for them to adopt children. If gay marriage was legal it would increase the amount of children successfully adopted. From the article it states “ Today openly gay and lesbian men and women are being considered more seriously as potential adoptive parents. This charge has been aided by the increase in the number of gay and lesbian biological parents in the United States.” (

Many agencies wil only release children to “married” couples therefore rejecting stable loving, homosexual parents. Facts have shown that gay or lesbian couples are a better fit for adopting a child. By legalizing gay marriage in all states, adoption agencies will be forced to grant the same respect and rights to homosexual couples. Gay marriage will increase the chances for thousands of foster children to gain loving parents and families. Studies have shown that more than 50% of married couples in America get a divorce. If gay marriage were to be legal it will decrease the divorce rate. From the article it states “Gay couples who considers themselves married through a symbolic ceremony or we’re married in another country or state.” ( Quentin Fottrell)(

Allowing gays the opportunity to get married will increase marriage rates because less couples will get divorced due to incompatibility were to happen it would decrease divorce rate because it can not get any worse than it is right now. Legalizing gay marriage should be done because it would help stop multiple problems caused around the world. Gay marriage is a know controversial topic that gets talked about daily. When legalizing gay marriage it will help increase the adoption rate because they will be looking for multiple families that love and support one another. Gay marriage also helps decrease the divorce rate by 50% and it helps with teen suicide.

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