LGBTQ in America and Iran

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“For several years now, the term “identity” has grown tremendously, and is no longer seen as a black and white subject. Identity is a mixture of all these different things that define who we are. Gender is something we develop when we are born and back then you were either born a male or female and that was set in stone. Attempting to change that was practically forbidden. A person’s identity shouldn’t be based on one’s physical attributes. Everyone should have the right to express and identify themselves as whomever or whatever they’d like to be without fearing any consequences.

Throughout recent years, more people have become a lot more comfortable expressing the fact that they feel their gender identity is the total opposite from their sex at birth. Our society across the United States has become more accepting and open to the LGBTQ community and in the past 10 years that community has grown in many aspects. The massive change towards the acceptance of homosexuality began around late 1980. A huge factor that brought society towards acceptance was the homosexual individuals progressively coming out which included famous actors, artists, athletes, etc. Therefore, many average individuals started coming out as well and people realized they had a friend, family, or idol whom was gay or simply not okay with the gender they were born with and that is what started shaping the public’s perception on gays and transgenders.

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According to the Equaldex survey, the United States is ranked the 13th country out of 39 countries to agree that homosexuality should be accepted by our society. The Human Rights Watch has concluded that, “About 780 million people are living in countries where same-sex marriage or civil unions are a legal right” (Roth 2015). Even though that doesn’t seem like much, the numbers are growing and “the results show a clear trend towards greater tolerance regarding homosexuality,” said Tom W. Smith, director of the General Social Survey at NORC and author of the NORC report, “Public Attitudes toward Homosexuality” (Center for the Study of Politics and Society 2011). Now, it may take some time for America to come to terms with homosexuals and transgenders living a normal life here, but many people are continuing to work towards giving the LGBT community their full rights. With the younger generations leading the way then our public’s attitude towards gays will fully move our country towards equality.

Before, same-sex marriage was not allowed in any state; but as of 2015 the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, and as of 2017 gay and lesbian couples across the United States could adopt a child, yet some states like Texas, Kansas, Mississippi, and South Dakota still have some LBGT restrictions. Every couple, gay or straight should have the right to adopt and should not be discriminated or turned away because of their sexuality. Just because a person chooses to form a life with someone of the same sex does not mean they are not capable of being a parent and raising a child, but hopefully within time Americans will slowly learn to accept other people for who they are and who they want to be identified as.

Being homosexual or transgender in America is still a social progress, because it is still a topic that is dividing our country due to many people with different views on the subject and are against homosexuals having any type of rights. Even though America has lifted the ban on LGBT community joining the military as well as donating blood there are still requirements they must meet to join or donate. Homosexual individuals often feel that our government is failing to give them a sense of belonging in our country. They still feel out of place, uncomfortable, and in danger. In 2016, there was a mass shooting at club Pulse in Orlando, Florida in which 49 people were killed, and the shooter seemed to have some type of hate towards homosexuals. According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP), 2017 was the deadliest year; 52 LGBTQ individuals were killed due to hate crimes because of their sexual preference (Brammer “”Anti-LGBTQ homicides nearly doubled in 2017, report finds”” 2018). No one should ever have to fear for their life just because they are transgender, or simply because they are attracted to the same sex. It is disgusting knowing how cruel American people are towards the LGBTQ community, all they want from America is equality, freedom, and to be able to go out and enjoy their day just how any other American would. In addition, hate crime towards homosexuals isn’t only an issue in the U. S, it is also a tragic issue in Iran. Except the hate towards gays isn’t only within their people, their actual legal system does not condone nor will allow for anyone in their country to identify themselves as a homosexual.

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Iran is one of the worst countries for anyone in the LGBTQ community to live in because people of the same-sex orientation will face the death penalty under the Iranian law. The legal system in Islam believes homosexuality is a crime worthy of death. Therefore, the Iranian law will threaten gay individuals with lashes and if men are the passive partners in the homosexual act they will automatically get the death penalty. If a man is the active partner, he will then receive the death penalty under certain circumstances, but normally he will receive 100 lashes. Lesbian women in Iran will also be punished for committing a homosexual crime, in all cases the woman will receive 100 lashes for her crime whether she is the passive partner or the active partner (ISHR). The secretary general of Iran, Mohammad Javad Larijani, stated that “Homosexuality is regarded as an illness and malady” (Dehghan 2013). He also stated that promoting homosexuality in Iran is illegal and carries strong laws against it. It is cruel to have to kill a person just because of their sexual preference or having to lash individuals as if they committed an actual crime. Is being gay a legitimate crime? There is a large amount of in that country committing crimes such as stealing, murdering, raping, etc. and the fact that a homosexual is being punished the same or even worse than any of those crimes is disturbing.

In conclusion, our society needs to come together and learn how to accept people for who they are. Everyone should have the right to express and identify themselves as gay, lesbian, male, female, x, etc. No one should have to live in fear of the consequences they may face for letting people know their sexual identity or gender identity. We should not judge people who choose to express themselves differently, we are all human and should be entitled to freedom.”

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