Leadership Interview

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Challenging and purposeful opportunities that accelerate readiness to take on business leadership roles. The different areas of expertise and leadership qualities gained during the trainee program has enlightened me about HEINEKEN Supply Chain and how many different activities needed to be coordinated to

Different assignments in various countries helped me gather insights into different cultures and this understanding is something we need to all be aware of as well as respect in order. I have also learned more practical things when it comes to leadership – I have noticed the importance of clear roles and responsibilities as well as the need of setting.

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Meeting professionals within Supply Chain, attending workshops in leadership development, learning to give and receive feedback, improving project management skills, etc. have given me the tools and experience to handle the various situations that I currently find myself in day in and day out.


What are the key challenges of your current function?

Please be as detailed as possible, and reference your own challenges as well as the company’s. As an individual contributor, your responsibilities are rather clearly defined. You get to work on time, you’re assigned certain tasks, and you’re expected to deliver them efficiently and effectively.

When you become an Head of Engineering Department that’ll change – the responsibilities will no longer be as defined and independent.

Day-to-day life will look different and the responsibilities will increase a whole lot more. With that said, there’s also a greater chance to make an impact on department culture and collaborate with other departments to reach important OpCo goals as ONE STRONG HEINEKEN

You’re no longer judged on your personal output — you’re judged on your team’s output and what your team can deliver. The amount of variety you get working as a Head of Engineering Department is what I enjoy the most. No two days are the same, which means you’re constantly learning new things and exploring new opportunities.

From attending breakdowns to planning Brewery expansion projects to protecting water resources by improving water usage efficiency, the subjects are endless!!!

The team I work in (HEINEKEN Malaysia) is absolutely fantastic, and there’s never a dull moment in the Brewery. The people you work with is half of what makes a job, so I am incredibly happy when I started and met all the people here.

Beer breaks barriers, and few companies do it better than HEINEKEN. There is a high level of professionalism and a drive for excellence, at the same time friendly and unburdened by conventions. A combination of high performing, fast-paced company with the warm and informal personality makes it the best of two worlds.

The key to success here is to be open and prepared to learn outside of your function. We’re all working together towards common goals, which is why everyone’s thoughts and opinions are taken into consideration. Teamwork is really strong in our company – Winning, losing, learning, everything happens together.

At the end of the day, I’m very proud to be part of this company for many reasons, but perhaps most of all because of how we are involved in Brewing a Better World which caters to environment, responsible consumption and growing with communities.

How has the APGP & HEINEKEN prepared you for your professional & personal development?

APGP/HEINEKEN is the master craftsman to the unpolished diamond that is the graduate fresh out of University. University teaches us the academic stuff, equips us with knowledge, expands our mind, and gives us glimpses of working with others, but it barely scratches the surface of reality

APGP filled in the gaps and brought me up to speed with what I need to know, and how to maximise and apply what I already knew. Coming here, I had the idea that learning would happen mostly through formal training. But I quickly realised that with the Trainee Programme most of my learning would be through new experiences and on the job training.

That’s a much quicker way to learn – try again and apply my learning as part of 70:20:10 HEINEKEN Learning Philosophy.

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  • 70% of learning comes from real life and on–the–job experiences, tasks and problem solving. Examples include: Day-to-day responsibilities and tasks; Job rotations; Stretch assignments; Project-based learning
  • 20% of learning comes from relationships and feedback, coaching and from observing and working with role models.

The everyday experiences on the job, meeting and communicating with so many different people and personalities, really strengthened my people skills and negotiation skills. More importantly to promote my personality development and leadership skills, a committed mentor from the management stood by my side throughout the entire program.

What’s your advice for someone looking to apply to the APGP?

APGP is for the most visionary, curious, bold and performance driven personnel who want to make their mark. Need to be ready to take on tough challenges and adapt to different work situations with an open and global mindset.

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