Leadership, Influence and Networking Questions

Leaders tend to set the direction as well as use different management skills with the aim of guiding their people into the right destination in a manner that is smooth and efficient. I believe that I have the right leadership skills for Chevening because I am an inspiring and assertive team-player. For a period of two years, I worked in the design and development team that created GoodBed.com.

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This refers to a web application that is responsible for helping mattress shoppers find the beds considered right for them. My professional and education experience have both helped me to become a better developer and designer. For instance, my involvement with the user experience design helped me in better understanding the various users behind my products.

I understand that a good product must be engaging, inclusive and intuitive from users of different backgrounds as well as technical skills. Therefore, as a leader, I use my creative skills to come up with various solutions to problems relating to web applications. I have strong networking skills that would make me a valuable asset for Chevening. I have taken part in the construction, designing as well as used information technology to create websites that are used by individuals across the globe. For instance, after I graduated from MSU I moved to my home country the Dominican Republic, and began working as one of the Frontend Developers at a small software development companies.

While there, I led the creation of numerous products for different clients in America, Spain, United States and Spain. During my study time at MSU, I worked with SNWorks as their web designer and developer. It is part of a student’s newspaper that normally creates websites for different college media groups across the United States. This became the first experience of constructing large-scale websites that are currently being used by thousands of users on a daily basis. Through this, I gained extensive knowledge on various user-experience practices including wireframing, prototyping and persona definitions.

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