How Stereotypes Contribute to Injustice System?

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Because of the stereotypes exist in the media and our society that create racial profile and many injustices especially in criminal system, which is why that Social movement are created. These movements are demanding changes for a better treatment not just on better wage or better job, but also the protection from law.

Stereotypes exist in society that it become the norm, which creates the one of the most dangerous behavior which is racial profiling. Racial profiling exist everywhere which apply to both race and gender. Such as Latina won’t receive respect because media tend to have portrayed them as prostitute. Arab men are also savage but can be tempted by beauty that is not a big threaten to Anglo. Because of the stereotypes, people in general won’t get the respect a basic human should receive. In the worst case is the criminal injustice system that Black and Brown people are the majority of the prisoners when their population are less than half of the whole nation population. Black people got stop when shopping in the store, walking on the street, driving around the neighborhood. Because of the stereotypes against Black people that many citizens and law enforcements automatedly see Black people as a threat and want to take them down or remove them as soon as possible. Add on the racial profiling, it became police brutality again African Americans in the nation. People of color killed everyday by those who oath to protect us, people of color lose the trust to policemen. Besides that, victim of color also doesn’t get the same treatment a white victim received. Such as the example of Daniel Holtzclaw’s case. Because Holtzclaw is football player, half white, male and a policeman, people don’t associate him with crime. Moreover, his victims are Black female who is working-class, older than him, addict, or minor crime convict. Media put his charming photo with the 20+ victims’ side by side create an image of that “”these women are unwanted that there is no way Holtzclaw wants to have sex with them””. Even though he is in prison now, there are still many people who try to prove that he is innocent. Majority people who defend Holtzclaw don’t take the testimony of black female victims seriously, because they are not rich white women that their testimony is not credible.

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The stereotypes make our society treat its own people unequally, and we see worse and worse case everyday that as long as white wealth cisgender straight man abuse their power because they have the privilege to, our world would never be in peace and equality. Before we take over the power from the privileged one and return it to the people, we need to get rid of stereotypes and bias against other to prevent being used by the dominated group as a tool to divide us.

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