What is Human Trafficking

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Updated: Mar 07, 2019
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What is Human Trafficking essay

When people bring up the topic of crimes, the first thing that comes to their mind is gun violence, theft, rape, and murder. A major crime that is not discussed enough is Human trafficking and many people do not recognize that it is not only happening in the middle east, but also in South America and other third world countries. This misdeed can happen to anyone no matter their race, financial background, gender, or sexual orientation and still goes on today.Being a victim to this can take away the basic humans right and because it is so diverse trying to control it makes it difficult.

Human trafficking is a widespread epidemic that is quickly growing day by day. More than 15,000 people are forced into modern day slavery every year. Human trafficking is the exchange of humans for forced laborers, sex slavery, and sexual exploitation for the traffickers or others; this also leads to forced marriages, removal of tissues and organs. Human trafficking is considered the fastest growing criminal organization nationwide which is second to drug trafficking being the first. There are many types of human trafficking but the three most common are sex trafficking, forced labor and child trafficking.

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In the early stages of slavery which is now modern day forced labor, the 1400s was the start of the slave trade in Africa where the people of africa were being transported from africa to portugal and were using them as slaves. Soon after, the British involved themselves in the trades of Africans. By 1932, the Japanese created a system all throughout Asia, women were forced into sexual slavery. The conditions they were forced to live in were cruel, if they were defiant, this would result in beatings and other tortures. Due to this many women died of disease, malnutrition, exhaustion and suicide. In 2008 several immigrants were found illegally smuggled into thailand by traffickers. several of those that were being transported in a seafood container died from suffocation due to a poor AC system. The driver ignored protests by the passengers, fearing that the police would be suspicious at checkpoints, and fled the scene when he realized that individuals had collapsed (Timeline of Human Trafficking). Now in 2011 former president Obama declared a Human trafficking Awareness month on January 11, 2011, this allowed individuals and groups to increase awareness throughout the general public.

Sex trafficking forcefully involves women, children, and men to perform commercial sex acts. Minors under the age of 18 engaged in these sexual act considered by law a victim of sex trafficking. People are lured through false pretense of jobs offers as models, babysitting,or dancers, some even operate under disguises under dating sites and social media. When these people arrive they are abused, threatened and sold into the whole sex slavery, to them keep them controlled, they promise them freedom after their debt is paid of. Crucially, the statistics include the recruitment tactics of traffickers. While not all victims reported on their recruitment, intimate partner/marriage proposition was the most common among those who did. (Sex Trafficking Statistics)

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