Human Trafficking in Arizona

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Human trafficking is happening here Arizona, right in front of our noses. Let’s start off by telling you a little bit more about human trafficking. Human trafficking is criminalized under the United States law, also under federal law, it is a crime to compel another person to provide labor, services, or commercial sex. Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery that is happening in every state, including Arizona. NHTH (National Human Trafficking Hotline), has been working with providers, law enforcement, and other professionals in Arizona , to help victims that have survived from human trafficking, also to share information about human trafficking cases.

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Human trafficking has been going on for years, and is still going on today. A Lot people think that when they hear the word human trafficking is about little girls or teenage girls getting kidnapped and being sold. Human trafficking has not only that meaning but it’s also about sex slavery, forced labor, trafficking organs, and many more, but what we mostly hear is about little girls/boys or teenage girls/boys getting kiddnapped or being snatched from their mothers hands. The people who do human trafficking are the ones that have debts, or need the money so bad that they’re determined to do whatever it takes to get money, if it means selling their own daughter or son.

Scope of the problem/Statistics

Human trafficking is a huge deal because this has been happening for a long time now and it’s still happening. Arizona, in 2016 there has been 150 human trafficking cases and 457 calls. Victims and survivors identified, 193 (high indicators), 150 (moderate indicators), 118 where from (victims of human trafficking and survivors). The type of trafficking that was going on in 2016 was mostly sex trafficking, labor trafficking. It was mostly happening to female than male, out of 150 number of cases 123 were females and 25 where male. Adults are the ones that were that are being used for human trafficking, out of 150 cases, 104 are adults and 43 are minors. On human trafficking cases 95 out 150 has reported a trafficking tip, 34 out 150 has access services referrals. 20 out of 150 has requested crisis assistance. Top callers of human trafficking or victims of trafficking 118 out of 457, community member 97 out of 457, family of trafficking victim 44 out of 457, victim of labor exploitation 28 out of 457.

In 2017 in Arizona there has been 181 human trafficking cases and 406 calls. There has been victims and survivors identified, 615 (High indicators), 252 (moderate indicators), 122 (victims and survivors calls). From 140 cases there has been 117 cases of sex trafficking, 43 of labor trafficking, 11 of sex and labor, and 10 trafficking type not specific. Out of the 181, 159 are females and 35 are males. Adults are being used more for trafficking 133 out of 181 are adults, 49 out of 181 are minores. 49 are U.S citizenships and 43 are foreign nationals. Out of the 181, 127 reported a trafficking tip, 35 access services referrals and 18 requested crisis references. The top callers out of 406 where, 122 of victims of trafficking, 113 community members, 35 family of trafficking victims.

From 2016 to 2017 it has changed a lot because from human trafficking cases being reported it went up alot and the calls that they had made went down. A lot of things changed from 2016-2017. Since 2007 till December 31, 2017 there has 2,272 calls of trafficking and total cases of 725. There has been a total victimas of 859 (moderate contain several indicators of human trafficking), and has been total victimas of 1,278 (high containing a high level of indicators of human trafficking).

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