Holocaust – Jewish Resistance

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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It is not wrong to say that the Holocaust is the center of Israeli psychology. Unlike most other historical events whose influence is gradually blurred, the impact of the Holocaust on Israeli society has actually increased over time. This process is very complex and difficult to describe in a few pages. However, understanding its dynamics is important in studying about Israeli culture.

The Holocaust is also known as the name Shoal, was the greatest tragedy of the Jewish people in the late 1930s during World War II, when six million Jews across Europe were put into Nazi concentration camps and killed by gas which caused asphyxiation.

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In 1933, Adolf Hitler became the German Chancellor and F??hrer in 1934, he then expanded the anti-Semitism program. Hitler with German racism instigated the German pride and consensus in asserting that the origins of the Aryan Germans were the superior race and other races, especially Jewish is inferior

Hitler’s philosophy is that the race that is smarter, healthier, and adapts better to the environment will be the race to survive; Any race that is ignorant, weak, or poorly adapted to the environment will be eliminated. The consequence of this morbid philosophy is that six million Jews across Europe were killed in only a brief period from 1939-1945.

Science, technology, eugenics, and social Darwinism all played essential roles in helping the Nazi German to create mass death

Science during the Holocaust was savage and inhumanity. At the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Dr. Josef Mengele is renowned for conducting medical experiments on living human, such as putting prisoners in pressure rooms, using them to try different drugs, forced them to be cold to death, as well as conducting some other deadly injury on the prisoner. Mengele is particularly fond of doing experiments with the twins, Rroma nomads, dwarfs and babies. Most of Mengele’s experiments have little scientific value, such as those that try to change the color of the eyes by injecting chemicals into children’s eyes, surgical procedures, and other cruel surgeries. It is impossible to know fully about Mengele’s experiments. Two trucks filled with Mengele’s notes to Dr. Otman von Verschuer at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute were destroyed. The survivors of the experiment were also killed.

The technology was one of the main methods that provide Nazis what they needed to control and kill all Jews. Nerve gas was produced in I.G. Farben – was an old chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate of German. The deadly gas named Zyklon B Gas that was used in the Gas Chambers at Auschwitz. Moreover, I.G. Farben also produced drugs against Typhus, sleeping pills, and nerve poisonous gas. All these poisons had a horrible effect on the human such as runny nose and eyes, nausea, vomiting, small pupils, blurry vision, muscle twitching, and seizure. Furthermore, the Hollerith machine is one of the technologies that help the Nazis to track the Jewish population. It was a type of primitive calculating machine.

At the time Hitler stayed in prison because of the failure of 1924 coup attempt (Beer Hall Putsch), he started reading about eugenics and social Darwinism. According to this doctrine, all creatures are born not by God or by Heaven but by appearing and developing through natural selection. In this process, from the small individual mutations, the individual’s ability to compete, survive and reproduce will be selective. The content of this is retaining and strengthening, become adaptive. Some of the basic principles of evolution by natural selection as defined by Darwin are phenotypic variation exists between individuals and variants that are genetic, individuals with adaptive genetic characteristics to the environment are more likely to survive and when insemination occurs, new species will develop. Hitler then applies this theory to his people and make them believe it like him. The eugenics of Nazi was born and established after that. The application of eugenics in Germany was the most frightening of all eugenics in the world. This doctrine is strongly believed by Hitler. He undertook purges, genocide, and selection to create the best type of human. In the 1930s-1940s, the Nazis sterilized hundreds of thousands of people they considered not enough physical and mental health. There were about 400,000 people were sterilized in the period from 1934 to 1937. The Nazis brutally forced the disabled people to die through the “”volunteer death”” program by injecting Hydrogen cyanide (HCN). Under Hitler’s orders, Germany established “”hatcheries””. The elite men in the military, selected through extremely strict procedures, and the physically, mentally and spiritually perfect women (by the standards of Nazi Germany) were concentrated here. They were taken care carefully to mate with each other and give birth. They aimed to prove the eugenics; however, the results were disappointing.

It was insufficient and inadequate of Allies’ responses to the damage and persecution of Jewry during and after the war. On December 17, 1942, the Allies issued a judgment of Nazi monstrosities and inhumanity against the Jews; however, this was the only annunciation that made before 1944. There was little action was taken before the War Refugee Board was established on January 1944. The purpose of this agency is to save the Nazi persecution’s victims.

The Allies had never tried to call on the European local people to stop helping the Nazis developing their systematic murder of the Jews. Moreover, the Allies declined to bomb the death camp of Auschwitz and the railway lines to the camp. They didn’t put lots of efforts in helping the Jewish even after the War Refugee Board was established. Furthermore, thousands of Jews find a way to enter the United States; nevertheless, the American immigration policy was so strict for them to go into the US.

To conclude, the Nazis in general and Hitler in particular had caused horrible crimes for the Jews. The more we learn about Germany, the more we know about the unforgiving crimes Germany had already inflicted. Science, technology, eugenics, and social Darwinism had made a big impact on Nazis and its people, made them became inhuman and evil enough to kill others.

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