HIV/AIDS and the Surgery

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In the past surgeries were used to kill people. Of course it wasn’t done on purpose but the methods by today’s standards were barbaric. Knowledge only came from speculation of the body and religious beliefs, none of which probably went through any type of scientific process or trial. Also, the methods were based on the written work of ancient physicians like Galen and everyone just stuck with it, because why doubt a famous and successful person? Only when new discoveries that came in the modern age, like logic, were applied to the medical field was when knowledge about the human body had grown and been perfected.

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Today, Surgeries are a safe procedure and most people wouldn’t think twice if it had to save their life. But in the past, Surgeries were inefficient and even deemed today harmful to the patient. Looking at post-modern times, ancient surgeries and procedures done have long advanced.

Before the 19th and 18th century, the cures for mental illness, and cerebral pain were unsafe and brung no cure to the patients. The methods were Trephination which was very risky to the patients, barbaric, if you will. Trephination involved a physician or another health “”professional”” drilling or using an ice pick method to make a hole in your skull. If you had anything involving serious head pain, such as a migraine headache, or were believed to have been “”possessed”” (have a serious mental illness, schizophrenia bipolar etc.), then trephination was the right way to go at the time. They thought this would relieve pressure in the skull, not only that but release “”evil spirits”” as well through the hole in the skull. Not only did this leave the patient with a gaping hole in their skull and dangerous blood and brain fluid loss.

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