Going Vegan for the Animals

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For as long as I can remember, I always loved animals but I never asked myself as an animal lover if it was okay to eat other animals but now that I look back,I feel like a hypocrite, loving one animal and eating another. And I always ask myself why I didn’t think of it earlier but the reason I didn’t was because the people around me ate meat like it was okay and so it was normal for me to do so too but now thanks to YouTube I’ve learned that what I have done unknowingly my whole life was wrong.

When I became vegan almost 5 months ago, I did it for ethical reasons: for the animals. I was a vegetarian before for a short amount of time, but my parents made me change my mind by telling me that it was okay to eat meat as long as they were treated properly and not raised in big factory farms. And so I started eating meat again organic,free rang meat.

But now that I know better, there is no humane way of killing an animal and there is no such thing as ethical meat and a lot of people buy the “organic” and ” free rang” meat and say“at least it lived a good life “ but these labels are nothing but a way of making us think that what we’re doing is right because it’s tempting to want to believe that the meat we’re eating is ethical and that they lived a happy life with no fear or pain whatsoever but the truth is that every sentient being fears death just as we do and even those labeled as “organic” and “free-range”. Because no matter how well they were treated during their lifetime, at the end of the day, they all experience the same fear when they get slaughtered and so killing them doesn’t make it justifiable.

I think that it’s not right to kill animals for food especially when it’s not necessary at all. The most common thing any meat eater would ask a vegan is “what would you do if you were stranded on an island with a chicken? “And I ask them right back, what they would do if they were stranded on an island with their dog and they’d immediately answer by saying they wouldn’t eat it or better yet I’d ask them what they would do if they were stranded with a friend. The problem is that society has led us to believe that there are animals that are destined to be eaten and others not.

So as a vegan,if I was stranded on an island with a chicken I wouldn’t eat it just like I wouldn’t eat my dog or a friend because my mind has already accepted the fact that animals are conscious beings and not food. On top of that, it’s pointless to take the island example when we can take our current state as an example instead of taking a close to impossible situation where we find ourselves stranded on an island because now we’re in the 21st century where supermarkets are almost in every corner and so it’s absolutely unnecessary to kill an animal when we have other cruelty free options like fruits and vegetables and get the same amount of nutrients.

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