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Question 1: Is the world flat? What does that mean? Ensure that you describe various individual state, and system-level impacts form both perspectives and conclude with your summary.

Globalization does help the world become more connected and reachable to other parts of the world. That is what it means with the statement of “is the world flat?”. No, the earth is not literally flat. There are parts of the world that have not been totally inhabited by globalization. Many nations are not ready economically or industry wise for all that globalization comes with. Globalization is when the markets of the world are intertwined and to a certain point, they are codependent on each other. As it states in Globalization: A brief overview, it says that globalization is what happens as the human culture progress and innovates. This allows for so many amazing things to happen that brings the world and various world markets to the forefront allowing to expand and, in many ways, technologically modernize. Globalized financial markets are the area of focus because of the huge implications that the financial markets had on changing the world.

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When it comes to financial security on the various levels it is an everyday worry for individuals and business. Today’s technology is fierce and can be manipulated in many ways that make induvial, business, and government accounts attackable and penetrable. When five men were charged with hacking into over a dozen companies both American and international there is a big issue. As the title states, there were over 160million cards hacked over a 7-year period. The companies that are were affected include J.C. Penney, Wet Seal, 7-Eleven, Nasdaq, and JetBlue just to name a few. When events like this happen, it affects large populations from the company’s, the individuals that are the cardholders, down to the insurance companies that represent them. The hackers would take customers personal information and the stolen American, European, and Canadian cards and sell them to buyers for various prices. Events like this can cripple large companies or groups of any population. This especially insightful because the hackers could get into companies like The Dow Jones and Nasdaq which are interictal parts of the stock market. If they had the know-how or the motivation most of the world population would have been affected especially securing their financial and mental security because both could have been affected. Since 2013 more safeguards have been put into place for cardholders because of hackers and scammers. Now, most people have chips in their debt and credit cards which has made it more difficult for scammers.

On one side if the viewer sees the world as flat everything is interconnected. From that globalization can be great for all avenues when it comes to the global economy. Globalization can change the environment and climate of government, politics, and institutions without physically changing countries (Coker, pg. 20). Other facets of globalization come in the form of producing new network centered terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS which have a reaching hand to use effective ways to recruit such as technology-based globalization. This allows for these groups to connect more easily to supporters all around the world.

A fact stated by Ghemawat is that the world is not as interconnected as we may think. Yes, we can get news and other information about what is going on in another part of the world, but “more than 90 percent of all phone calls, web traffic, and investment is local. (Ghemawat)” This statement alone shows how far we still have to go until we are at least 50 percent globally interconnected. When it comes to the economy and international trade there is only about 25 percent of global integration. Looking at the whole picture that too seems to be a low number if one is stating that the world is flat and trade and globalization flowing freely and a force to be reckoned

Friedman claims that the earth is being flattened because of globalization, which is helping to level the playing field of the global economy. To a certain point, this is true. There are many other circumstances that are hindering this activity from being true. There are still countries and states that are not modernized enough to handle what globalization must fully offer. If they are overtaken prematurely by globalization that can have a negative effect on the economy and the citizens of that nation. That population now must play catch to change and the rest of the world.

Question 2: Explain the North-South divide. Describe how globalization has impacted on various political, economic, and security systems in both North and South.

In American alone, there are regional divides. With these divides can come differences in all areas of life including social differences like pace and tempo which be seen and felt on the surface. Various states move at a slower pace. When it comes to the political, social, and economic side of things there can be drastic differences. There are different political and social view when it comes to the north and south of the United States, generally speaking. Economically, one can compare the cost of living which can be very different in a northern city compared to a southern city.

In a more political and military side of the North and South differences, viewers can look at North and South Korea. Before the start of the preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics, in Pyeong Chang, South Korea, there seems to be little to no communication between the two countries. In the political world, there seems to be no shortage of stories and reports about North and South Korea, and the United States. All three countries have their drastic differences, but they are slowly taking political steps to meet, have talks, and find some type of common ground. The first half of the 2018 year had been eventful and filled with news and continuously developing political news.

Security systems failed and were compromised during the 2016 political season, which included the presidential race. There have been continuous investigations into Russia and other countries that have conducted illegal schemes to affect the presidential race to go in their favor. This is a sign of how economic and technological globalization can negatively affect a nation. This type of event could politically cripple a nation. There is a reason why the United States political system has worked well for over 200 years while slowly changing.

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