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Film Analysis Essays

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Selma and the Civil Rights Movement

Words: 1069 Pages: 4 1677

Throughout American history, African-Americans have constantly struggled with the problems of racism and discrimination. Since slavery many years ago, African Americans have always been treated as inferior by caucasian men. Even today, racism continues to be a huge problem in American society. Selma, a film directed by Ava DuVernay, retells the events surrounding the march […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Film Review: Divergent Vision of Apocalyptic Future

Words: 910 Pages: 3 1962

In the film Divergent, directed by Neil Burger, people that are different are viewed negatively. In the case of the main character, Tris starts out in Abnegation but has trouble being fully selfless like the rest of her family. When it is time for Tris to take her aptitude test, something goes wrong in her […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

The Ethical Puzzle of Casablanca

Words: 1896 Pages: 6 1594

“Here’s looking at you kid,” was one of the most famous lines to come from the movie Casablanca. This movie is gearing up to celebrate its seventy-seventh year as a reigning classic. Casablanca was considered an American romance drama that many fell in love with when it premiered in 1942. The production team wanted to […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Shawshank Redemption: how to be Redeemed

Words: 1628 Pages: 5 2108

Shawshank Redemption is a Prison movie so every image that is conjured about prison movies is accurate when envisioning Shawshank Redemption. The movie is set in a fictional prison in Maine with dull industrial colors, metal bars, and stone concrete walls and floors. However, Shawshank Redemption is much more than a depressive, hopeless, failure of […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Fast and the Furious 7 Movie Review

Words: 1812 Pages: 6 2261

As Fast and the Furious first hit the big screens back in 2001 to their most recent film in 2017 the movie series became an instant hit. As the producers and cast faced a bumpy road and as the series grew, they improvised well to continue the series. Paul Walker who played the role as […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie
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Beginning in the 1990s, a New Group of American Directors Emerged.

Words: 2809 Pages: 9 3677

They were individuals with distinct styles, a fondness for pop culture, and new ideas about the relationship between art and audience. Critic Armond White dubbed them the ‘American Eccentrics’ distinguishing them from other filmmakers saying they are “ drawn to exploring American experience and pop tradition in order to understand their place in the world” […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Human Nature, Identity, Popular culture

Story Structure Analysis: Finding Nemo

Words: 832 Pages: 3 1674

In Pixar’s Finding Nemo, things begin with a clownfish named Marlin and his wife Coral picturing their new life together living in the Great Barrier Reef. Marlin had just gotten his new family a home, an anemone just at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef when tragedy struck. As Marlin and Coral speak about […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Me before you Movie Review

Words: 2010 Pages: 7 2494

This movie was adapted from a novel written by Jojo Moyes. “Me Before you” is a romance movie that brings two different people who have absolutely nothing in common. At the center of this plot, it is an emotional debate about attempting medical suicide, it’s about finding courage to hold onto something even when there […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Marvel’s the Avengers Film Analysis

Words: 669 Pages: 2 1873

So far Marvel’s greatest movie brings all big superheros together. Was it worth it? Avengers: Infinity War was released in April 2018 by Marvel Studios. Avengers: Infinity War is the third Avengers-movie from Marvel. So far The Avengers has been the highest-crossing movie from Marvel but Infinity War beated it and rised to be fourth […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

The World is Tony’s: a Scarface Essay

Words: 1425 Pages: 5 1654

In 1980, nearly 125,000 Cubans were released from communist Fidel Castro’s rule. Castro opened the Cuban harbor for the Mariel boatlift, a mass emigration of Cubans between April 15th and October 31st who fled to Miami, Florida in a total of 1,700 boats. The 1983 crime film, Scarface, is a movie about one of the […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Law, Film Analysis

A League of their own Review – Feelgood Baseball Drama

Words: 1699 Pages: 6 1854

The All American Girls Professional Baseball League When World War II began, several roles previously occupied by men were left empty; including mens sports. Women stepped up to the plate and filled the shoes of the men. The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League changed the players’ lives as well as affected women’s sports for future […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Fargo , no Country for Old Men , and Burn after Readin

Words: 696 Pages: 2 3594

All three have various plots but they all have in common violence and money that no one benefits from. All three movies also involve someone being killed. The text refers this to auteuristic models of film that is the signature of the “author” of their work with uniformity. Auteurism has a consistent theme and design […]

Topics: Actor, Fiction, Film, Film Analysis

Animated Movie Analysis: Grave of the Fireflies

Words: 967 Pages: 3 1954

Grave of the Fireflies is an Animated movie made in 1988 by an Animation studio known for much happier titles. Set in 1945, Grave of the Fireflies is a Japanese war film, depicting the human toll that the second world war took on the Japanese side; in particular the effect that the fire bombings of […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Sicko and Bowling for Columbine Movies Review

Words: 2768 Pages: 9 1774

Academy-Award winning filmmaker and best-selling author, Michael Moore is a filmmaker, newsmaker and a cultural icon for his highly controversial documentaries. Throughout his work, he has used film as a platform for activism making him viewed as a highly controversial director and person overall. Arguably, Moore is seen by society as a representative of the […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Love and Sexuality in Movie the Notebook

Words: 1416 Pages: 5 2136

One man writes of emotion rather than ideas while the other young boy searches for what he read about from the man until he finds it. Did the young man truly know what he was reading meant? I’m not sure, I would like to think so, but he may have been oblivion just as many […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Movie Analysis of Slumdog Millionaire

Words: 613 Pages: 2 1985

Slumdog Millionaire is a 2008 drama film directed by Danny Boyle and written by Simon Beaufoy. It stars Dev Patel as Jamal Malik, a young boy raised in poverty from the Mumbai slums, Freida Pinto as Latika, and Madhur Mittal as Salim K. Malik, Jamal’s older brother. In this film, 18-year-old Jamal Malik answers trivia […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Apollo 13: through Physics

Words: 1485 Pages: 5 1805

The film “Apollo 13”, directed by Ron Howards, depicts events from the infamous failed Apollo 13 mission in a realistic fashion. Through the use of physics, many of these events can be proven to be accurate. More specifically, I will be investigating how Newtons three laws of motion facilitated the ship’s movements throughout its course, […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Force, Gravity, Space

Sleepy Hollow Film Review

Words: 1894 Pages: 6 3741

A constable named Ichabod Crane is sent to a Dutch community in the state of New York called Sleepy Hollow to investigate the deaths of a plethora of people found with their heads cut off. The locals all say that the murders have been committed by the legendary Headless Horseman. Ichabod starts hunting around for […]

Topics: Child, Film Analysis, Music Industry

The Terrors of Family Ties in Coraline

Words: 486 Pages: 2 1775

Coraline is an animated stop-motion film that was written by Neil Gaiman and released in 2009. The film depicted a young girl named Coraline who explores her new home. She discovers a secret, miniature door. The door is a portal to an alternate reality where everything is how she wants it: her neighbors are interesting, […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Freedom Writer Movie Review

Words: 898 Pages: 3 2090

Socialization is one of the great aspects of human beings. It through socialization, that human beings are able to relate and influence each other, positively and negatively. In this paper, I will analyze “The freedom movie”, a film featuring a teacher, who through his teaching professional is able to impact and change lives of young […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

The Kite Runner Movie and Book Comparison

Words: 478 Pages: 2 1841

In the Kite Runner, there were some main differences that stood out in the movie from the book. One difference is that in the book Hassan had a cleft lip and for his birthday Baba pays for Hassan to get a surgery as a birthday gift. “It’s an unusual present, I know,” Baba said. And […]

Topics: Book, Film Analysis, Movie

The Pursuit of Leadership in the Film the Pursuit of Happynes

Words: 843 Pages: 3 1762

The 2006 film, The Pursuit of Happyness, is based on Christopher Gardner’s real-life biography and is inspired with good leadership skills. In the film, the actor Will Smith portrays Christopher Gardner himself. Gardner’s character was a leader to his son by showing him the difficulties in life by them going through a crisis themselves. They […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Leadership, Movie

Movie Review: Stallone’s ‘Rocky Balboa’

Words: 1751 Pages: 6 2198

Sylvester Stallone is an American actor, screenwriter, film director, and producer. He is well known for his Hollywood action roles, such as John Rambo, Cop Land, including boxer Rocky Balboa in the Rocky series from 1976 to 2018. We travel to 1976, when moviegoers found a 29-year old kind-hearted thug whose only way out of […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Poverty Film “Bacheha-Ye Asena”

Words: 610 Pages: 2 3614

The film of the children of heaven, made in Iran, was produced in 1997 under the direction of Majid Majidi. The name of the movie as an original is “Bacheha-Ye Asena and it cost quite low budget. The film features a plot about a family’s poverty. The concept of poverty is expressed by the sharing […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Islam, Popular culture, Poverty

Home Alone and its Effects on Early Childhood

Words: 659 Pages: 2 1976

After being left to at home on Christmas holiday, Kevin must protect his home from burglars, and in the preoperational stage Kevin is able to think logically and effectively to stay alive until his family notices they have forgotten him, and return for him. Kevin utilizes Piaget’s view on private speech when creating most of […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Film Review: Gladiator is One of those Historical, Epic Films that you Never Forget

Words: 1217 Pages: 4 1962

The Gladiator movie is a historical movie about the ancient Roman Gladiator games. The movie received good reviews from consumers and movie review companies but just how accurate was it to the actual Gladiator games? A few things that are talked about are Marcus Aralias, how gladiators became gladiators, how fighters intimidated each other, the […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Gender Roles in Movie Mulan

Words: 1184 Pages: 4 2036

Production company Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Feature Animation in their movie Mulan, provide entertainment while also inspiring young children that strength is inside of everyone. Mulan aims to provide a humorous movie that empowers the audience to work hard and believe in themselves. It adopts a jovial and sanguineous tone with solemn parts […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Gender, Performativity and the Erotic in the Movie Erin Brockovich

Words: 3149 Pages: 10 2178

For this academic movie analysis project paper, I have chosen the movie “Erin Brockovich” and what the movie reveals about performativity and the erotic. The research problem I investigated is the erotic power that all of us, not just women should be free to feel independent, powerful, and courageous regardless of our class or gender. […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Gender, Movie

Social Theories in the Breakfast Club

Words: 2363 Pages: 8 1879

“You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, the most convenient definitions. As a brain, athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal. Correct? (Hughes, 1985)” The opening scene, the very first line, students of Shermer High School are categorized and stereotyped. A high school is a system, the […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Movie

Film Criticism from the very Beginning to the Present Day

Words: 812 Pages: 3 3640

Film criticism has changed from its beginning and will continue to change while moving forward. The growth of film criticism has mainly been a story of the shift from the best field of an intelligent survey by a few educated experts in the traditional way where expert analysis is mass, and the lines are unfocused […]

Topics: Communication, Expert, Film Analysis, Organizational Culture
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