Fight against Discrimination

Discrimination is the treatment or making preference against or in favor of a person, on the grounds of category, color, group or race. People discriminated against are usually denied their full rights to either access or participate in activities. Discrimination can also be based on policies laid down to certain people from different activities or places, or can be against individuals with different ideas or opinions, like political or there can be laws set to bar some individuals from their rights.

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The most common type of discrimination is the racial discrimination, or a disadvantageous treatment based on color. As a member of Kino Border Initiative, a group that deals directly with the fight against discrimination in the united states of America, which occurs against the Mexicans in America (Affolter, 2013).

The group was started in 2008 and is located in Nogales, Arizona, USA and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. The main vision of the group is to foster workable, just and humane conditions between Mexicans and the US citizens (Affolter, 2013). The motivation to join the group was to try to help other Mexican students not to undergo the experiences that I went through during my first year studies in the Oregon University.

Students from the US faced my first days in the university with a lot of hostility, as a Mexican I had no friend and no one was ready to socialize with me. Leading a lonely life with no one to share to both at emotional and social points, because of my skin color and the fact that i could not communicate well in English (Affolter, 2013). This hampered my education a lot because I was not able to access the library and other amenities due to lack of orientation and fear of the entitled group.

Joining the group will help many affected and future students who come to the US from Mexico and other parts of the world, to be in a better position by providing a conducive environment to learn. As a group, we sensitize all students for a need to embrace each other, by socializing, caring for new and international students and pushing the university management to pass laws that advocate for equal rights to all students. As a group member, there is also need to establish a good relationship between Mexican students and the American students in the Oregon University.


Affolter, J. (2013). Fighting Discrimination with Discrimination: Public Universities and the Rights of Dissenting Students.? Ratio Juris,? 26(2), 235-261.”

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