Society and Racial Discrimination

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Racial Discrimination

Our society has turned into a hatred and politics place throughout the years. Racial discrimination is into what America has grown up on. This issue has always existed because of fundamental part of America’s history. From the KKK’s aggressive campaign against immigrants, to the police violence against black people, racism and discrimination continue to be a big controversial problem. People need to take the responsibility of this culture to address racism and learn how to accept and embrace each other for our own differences, and  become more united for future generations.

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Such as demonstrating how racial discrimination has become a great threat to Modern American culture, there has also been a step further to betterment.

Most of the discriminatory actions tend to happen more often in the American justice system. The justice system demonstrates a very high level of discrimination, oppression, and injustice of the minorities. We can see in some cases where a suspect would face prosecution while others will not. Individuals who are from different ethnicities or race who committed the same crime will not be punished the same. Most african americans and latinos are being arrested more frequently than white people are. One article that recently came out that represent this claim is that an young black lady was standing in line with her own 1 year-old son when she was attacked by a group of officers who tried to take her child away from her arms. Many actions were taken under her such as putting her behind the rails. After many hours of waiting to get answers as to why she was in there and asking for her son, the police officer then said, “she was arrested on charges of acting in a manner injurious to a child, obstructing governmental administration, criminal trespass and resisting arrest, all misdemeanor offenses.” ( yanked a 1-year-old from his mother’s arms during an arrest.) This is how brutally police officers have been with people of color. There has been more than this news going on that threat the people and even bring their children along.

Now a days, we have seen how some people have been physically abuse in public areas by the ways they look, skin color and the language that they speak. Lately, there has been many video going around on social media showing how immature some people can be and how low someone can go to treat another individual just by who they are. We have seen both white and colored people have not learnt to treat one another in the proper way. There are so many kind of people in our world that many crimes happen everyday around us. If we see a black male or women standing somewhere during the day or night, many of us come to a conclusion that the individual is a criminal with intentions of committing various crimes. This is what lives looks now in today’s world. We tend to determine how someone is by just looking at how they are and based on their skin color. This is what racism looks like.

As we reflect on America’s history, we see that people would, in most cases, only think of white pride. It was said that white people discovered America, that white people fought in wars and won many lands, therefore it made them look as they were superior than any other and more powerful. It is highly believed that discrimination in America has quite changed since the 1900s. Blacks were once discriminated for everything they did, how they looked and where they came from. Today, they along other colored people have gained a more than what they had before such as the right to vote, ride public buses, and attend public schools.

People learn to be whatever their society and culture teaches them as well as they continue with this action and behavior through every generation. Racism can come from among people of different race because of the lack of knowledge that they have on the other race or other cultures and history. Over the time, all of these traits that we have develop eventually get passed from one generation to another that makes these characteristics even more noticeable and continue to continue instead of decreasing it and fixing all the problems to see a better world. Some people are unaware of the true meaning to have a culture, we all claim about it everyday. Most might feel that they have a race, while others just simply feel like they do not have a race. In today’s society we tend to include those based on who we think fits into this world and exclude those who don’t based on their who they are.

In the article ” Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence against Women of Color,” Kimberl?© Crenshaw argues that politics fail to see the multiple identities that each person has. She demonstrates this by going further more into the experiences that every women of color have been involved with violence, and in result how many feminist and anti-racist have not taken the time to acknowledge or to understand their experience. She also affirms the general methods of feminism and antiracism. The feminist movement considers of itself as white while anti racism movement thinks more of itself as male. She points out many examples of how we see this issue in today’s society and how everything is categorized into what people should be in and sees as.

An interesting book that focuses on how America tries to hide the fact that it is a racism place is the book, “Lies My Teacher Taught Me” by James Loewen. In this book, Loewen points out the issue of white racism and how people were treated by Americans and these topics are ignored by American history textbooks that are offered in school. He mentions in his book that   school textbooks present the “Disney version of history by omitting controversies and blemishes in the American history” (Loewen 27). Based on all the research he has done to write his book in this topic, he firmly believe that most of the Americans’ citizens know how American is and work because of what they were thought through school textbooks. Therefore, citizen who believe they know, have been told another version of what really had happened back in the days.

On a recent Pew research, it shows how racial discrimination has been decreased and has become better by providing surveys and data diagrams that show how many Americans have started to believe that immigrants and other people of other races do more to strengthen and help our country than to “ruin” the country. ( When President Barack Obama, we saw a change in America’s culture with racism and discrimination. Black people’s lives has always been dehumanised in the American culture, although by having a black president, many of the Americans started to realize the impact that it was causing to our society. During that time, the world of the internet, social media, raised awareness of all the injustices that were made upon black people that it then helped create the Black Lives Matter movement. Many programs and companies were created to help bring everyone together and to prove that everyone deserved what they rest had and to be seen as equal people. Under Obama, it was shown that the LGBTQ community had made tremendous progress such having the decision and vote from the supreme court that made same-sex marriage legal in our culture. Beside them, hispanics had a strong progressed with the program called deferred action for childhood arrivals law that granted around 800,000 children who were brought to the US,  as well as to allowing immigrant parents to receive the same permit but with the name of deferred action for parent arrivals.

With the new President in the White House, many things haven’t turned out as how he planned them to happen and because of those actions that he taken on that has just made things worse, it has cause many citizens to realize what other races go through because of how white people treat them by having white power.Most of them have taken action upon these people to help them and make them feel as they belong in this country as well as them. A researcher, Leonardo Bursztyn of the University of Chicago and colleagues made a report that Donald Trump’s election victory on November of 2017, it did not make citizens even more xenophobic, instead, they proved that it made more comfortable about expressing their own views without the need of going anonymous to show who they are and prove what that they believe in.

Racism and discrimination has been going on still in today’s world although we can definitely make it go away if we put effort. As we see today, the key to solve any complicated issues would be education. The education system may serve as the key foundation to change the way humans think and lead us to have a better world with better people around. If we all come together we can fight racism with education. If we educate and teach empathy, we will begin the process of eliminating racial discrimination in our world. It is now on us to prepare for the future that we want to see by educating our family, friends and others on the topic of racism. By taking those steps, only then will we overcome it. By recognizing America’s racist past is the first step to ending it. It is the responsibility of the people of this nation to address racism and learn to accept and embrace each other for our differences, and allow this great nation to become even more united for our sake and the sake of future generations. Racial discrimination is an insult to our humanity and all existence, we have to stop it. We need to see that every race is equal and important as the others and that all individuals deserve to be treated equally only.

This kind of racial profiling causes many innocent individuals to be subjected for humiliating by the police for no other reason than just by how they appear and skin color.

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