Fast and the Furious 7 Movie Review

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Updated: Apr 29, 2022
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As Fast and the Furious first hit the big screens back in 2001 to their most recent film in 2017 the movie series became an instant hit. As the producers and cast faced a bumpy road and as the series grew, they improvised well to continue the series. Paul Walker who played the role as Brian O’Conner passed away tragically in a car accident while Furious 7 was in the making. As they had to move forward to finish the movie, the ending scene is a farewell to Paul Walker but Brian O’Conner lives on. As the scene progresses the producers give Vin Diesel who plays as Dominic Toretto his goodbye to Paul Walker that he never got to have. The franchise took a major hit due to the tragedy but they used the awful event as a way to help the franchise grow to what it has become today.

In the ending scene of Furious 7, the crew are at a beach located in California. Brian and Mia are playing with their baby boy named Dom- in honor of Dominic Toretto which is Brian’s best friend- while the others are sitting there watching them and admiring the beautiful scene. As Brian is playing with his little son, Toretto gets up and goes for a drive in his beautiful silver classic Dodge Charger.

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While he leaves to go for a drive the ending song begins to play called “See You Again”- by Charlie Puth featuring Wiz Khalifa. Coming up to a stop sign, Brian pulls up next to Dom in a white Toyota Supra. As Brian says “Hey, you thought you could leave without saying goodbye?” Dom begins to narrate on how they are brothers and then the scene switches over to flashbacks of Brian from the earlier movies. As the two cars take off from the stop sign, the two are simultaneous going down the twisted road. Before the two cars split and go their own way, Dom and Brian have one last look at each other.

As the scene begins, Brian is wearing a white t-shirt along with Dom wearing white pants and Letty is wearing a white shirt as well. White is usually a color we refer to when there is death. White is associated with purity and safety. Heaven is a place we use that refers to safety and an escape from the terrors that are on Earth. White represents purity as heaven is a holy land that has been untouched and waits for us when our lives end on this planet we go to a better place. White is portrayed as a color that angels wear and our savior Jesus Christ wore before he was crucified on the cross. Vin Diesel is wearing white pants because he just lost his “ride or die” and someone who was his brother which was his other half. Paul Walker is wearing the white shirt which is the other half and the compliment of the white pants that Vin was wearing to complete the whole. As Brian is playing with his baby boy, the crew are all sitting there on the beach watching him saying that he is where he belongs and now, he is home referring to Paul. After all the heart touching comments, Paul is now at a better place and he is now home, Roman says “Things are going to be different now.” This key line from Roman hints that something happened that Brian won’t be with them anymore and Paul has passed away.

As the scene continues, Dom decides it is time to get out of the sand and go for a drive to clear his mind. But, before he could get to his car, Ramsey asks Dom “You aren’t going to say goodbye?” As the screen focuses in on Dom and the beginning of the song “See You Again” starts, he says “It’s never goodbye.” The song begins with the verse “It’s been a long day without you, my friend And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.” The lyrics express the sorrows that Vin Diesel is feeling due to the loss of Paul Walker but they will see each other again in heaven. Even with the loss of someone close, he will always be with Vin in spirit and in his prayers. If someone passes away, they are never forgotten. That person is remembered through memories and for Vin, he will always be riding beside him. The song See You Again brought tears to the eyes of those who were the franchises fans since the first movie. The song really brings out the family feeling that Brian and Dom had throughout the movies and that the bond that will never be lost. The title of the song also adds to the meaning that this is never the last time that they will see Paul. In heaven they will see him again.

While Dom is walking to his Dodge Charger to go for his ride, he is walking away from the ocean or his troubled times. Water is associated with troublesome times and finding a new beginning as the crew is going to have to move on without Brian. While they are all still admiring Brian and his son Dom, he gives his son and Mia a kiss as if it is a kiss goodbye as the camera pans out to the ocean as a new life is beginning for Paul in heaven.

As Dom is going down the road from leaving the scene at the beach, he comes to a stop sign. He is sitting there behind the wheel and the emotion and expression in Vin Diesel’s face begins to appear. He is feeling sorrow because he had lost his brother which is Paul Walker. Right before he takes off from the stop sign which could be another meaning in life because his life came to a screeching halt when Paul passed, but Brian pulled up beside Dom. The producers made a hologram of Brian in the white Supra. Paul was an an angel spreading his wings having one last ride on Earth before he parts ways and ascends to heaven. The white supra was the last car we see Brian in within the movie franchise before he continues his life but for Paul it was his final ride with Vin Diesel that he never got to have. The white Toyota Supra Paul was driving could be his wings because now he is an angel. When Brian pulls up next to Dom, he says “you’re not going to say goodbye?” That line could be very controversial, because Brian never said goodbye to Dom and how young Brian was, no one truly ever believes that someone will pass away at that age. Before they take off driving down the street one last time, Dom begins to commentate stating the motto they lived by which was “living life a quarter mile at a time.” Paul is now living by the same motto just above us and in spirit he lives a quarter mile at a time. The people who have passed before us are there with us in our memories as images from the older movies from the franchise began to flash onto the screen of Dom and Brian and very important moments in Paul Walker’s Fast and Furious career flashed as well. When they flashed the memories, it showed all the bonding moments they had and how they were brothers.

As they take off from the stop sign to begin their last ride together, they leave side-by-side. Paul Walker passed away while the movie was still being produced, therefore the stop sign may represent when he passed, they did not how to finish the movie without him. The moment when it clicked, they began to race forward again. In spirit, Paul was there to finish the movie right along the side of Vin. As Vin Diesel continues to commentate, “No matter where you are, whether it’s a quarter mile away, or halfway across the world…” begins to bring forward the idea that Paul is now in heaven and is living by the same motto just he is a quarter mile ahead of him now. Even though Paul Walker has passed in heaven, whenever Brian needs Dom’s help, he will be there no matter the distance they are apart. When going back to some of the final memories with Brian, Dom says a key quote “The most important thing in life will be the people in this room. Right here, right now.” Bringing back this line from Dom, this adds up to meaning always cherish those who are around you and who you care about because you’ll never know when it is their time to go.

While the two continue down the road, they get one last glance at each other and then Dom says, “You’ll always be with me. And you’ll always be my brother.” As Dom’s last words come before they go their separate ways, he will always be with me can interpret to in spirit and now when Dom looks to his left or right, he can only imagine Brian. The split in the road begins, and it is as if it was the end of the road for Paul and now Vin must carry on without him a quarter mile at a time. On both sides of the road, there is nothing but nature almost heavenly like ground and as Brian drives off in the sunset, they follow his car for one last quarter mile as they pan the camera to the sky. As the ground disappears and so does Brian’s car, the sky becomes very light as if they are ascending to heaven. While Brian drives off in the sunset he is beginning his new life as he has a child on the way but he is gone from the franchise. This effect that the movie has and the ending scene is not only saying goodbye to Paul but a farewell Brian who has been there since the first movie. This was a way for Vin Diesel to finally have his goodbye he never got to have in real life to Paul. As the producers filmed this final scene, it is a way to pay tribute to Paul Walker’s amazing career in the movie industry and the impact he had made to the Fast and Furious industry. In another angle the character and the marks he made as Brian O’Conner lives on and continues his life to remind us of Paul Walker. His legacy lives on as Brian as he continues his life with Mia but Paul will be above us a quarter mile ahead of all of us in heaven.

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