Fahrenheit 451: Guy Montag

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Who is Guy Montag and What Do We Know About Him?

At the beginning of the story, Montag starts as the protagonist, with a mind and actions of a child. He has no knowledge of the outside world and is basically mentally stupid. There are current scenes in the book where he is shown retarded by a strange girl Clarisse McClellan that opens his mind to another world of knowledge and books. He realizes something or a feeling he never felt before and wants to find out what it is.

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He acts like a child, then changes to an adult. Then he has experienced and reflects on that so I will prove that in this essay.

Montag, the protagonist, the main character, is a child at the beginning of the story and has no thought of the outside world. He acts, thinks, like a child and does not notice the outside world. This part of the seen he acts like a child. You laugh when I haven’t been funny and you answer right off on page 6. You never stop to think what I’ve asked you. Montag is talking to Clarisse McClellan, a 17-year old that is strange and needs help according to Montag, but then Clarisse says something about fireman putting out fires but Montag laughs which was not funny, which is a way he acts like a child.

In this paragraph, Montag is an adult and throughout the story, he starts to change to an adult from him learning about the real world and its actual history. He begins to act more mature and become more aware of his surroundings. I’m going to prove that to you.Go Home on page 85 when Montag was reading a poem in front of Mildred and her friends, the reading made one of the women cried, which as Clara. Mrs. Bowels gets mad and screams at him, but Montag takes a matter to his owns hand and kicks them out.

Montag goes through changes in the book but has to have experienced before that in order to understand it. On page 7 he is talking to Clarisse McClellan and at the end of their conversation, Clarisse ask Montag if he is happy, and Montag replies yes, but later in page 8 he tells himself Of course I’m happy and ask himself that question and realizes he is not. He experiences something that will change him throughout the story. He experiences confusion about how he is not happy and will realize that something is wrong and seems wrong. Another experience is at page 36 when the woman died for the books and Montag experiences a martyr.

Montag throughout the book would reflect on the experiences he had gone through that changed him. On page 15, Montag is confused about everything and later he says I don’t know anymore. Clarisse is gone and he does not know whom to believe since too much is going on through his head. He can’t think or know whom to trust since he never felt this type of feeling where he had to only pick one side. This is where Montag changes and tries to figure out what is inside a book that is bad about and what are the actual jobs of firemen.

That’s all the proof you need to know about Guy Montag and his childhood, adulthood, experience, and reflection moments in the story. There are a lot more to prove to you or whoever is reading this about Guy Montag and the four things needed to understand how Montag change throughout the book but I made it short so you could know quickly on Guy Montag and the world he is living in. Montag went from a man-child who didn’t know anything to a mature adult and between that was the experiences and reflection.

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