Divorce in Florida

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Humans are unique beings with unique lives. These differences bleed over into marriages and, ultimately, divorce. Some marriages end barely before they begin, while others can take a couple through decades together. No matter how long a marriage lasts, it can still end in divorce.

Throughout Florida, we are seeing a rise in long-term marriages coming to an end. This means a rise in senior citizens seeking a divorce. If you are in that population and considering divorce, seek advice from a knowledgable Orlando Divorce Attorney, keeping the following in mind:

Children are Still Part of the Equation

If you find yourself divorcing post-retirement age, child custody and visitation schedules are not likely to be part of your divorce settlement.

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However, you are still a parent and need to continue to take your child’s well being into account. Watching their parents divorce can be hard on children of any age. Even though they are adults themselves with lives outside of your home, this process could still affect them negatively. With that in mind, be sure that you are working to maintain relationships with all family members.

Senior Spouses Are Often Awarded Alimony

Alimony is granted in divorce cases based on several factors, one of those being the length of a marriage. This can be especially important to senior couples. The courts will try to ensure that both parties are financially stable, they will focus on the interests of the lesser employed spouse. In instances of long marriages, many times one spouse was a stay-at-home parent while the other worked full time. This will be reflected in the alimony award.

Retirement Accounts Bring a Layer of Complexity

By working with an experienced Orlando Divorce Attorney, seniors will be able to understand that retirement funds can be viewed as marital property and are, thus, eligible for distribution. The same lies true for Social Security benefits. Going into a divorce without an attorney who has experience with retirement plans can leave you with penalties or losing out on benefits that you are legally entitled to.

Housing Issues are Much Different

When a long term marriage is coming to an end, one of the main concerns is housing. Finding appropriate housing late in age can be more difficult than for younger divorcees. Many times, older couples have also maintained a family home for many years. This is beneficial due to the amount of equity that is built up within the home itself. Many times, the mortgage has even been paid off. This can also be a negative as neither party will want to sell the home their children grew up in in order to split their property. This issue in itself can be mediated with an Orlando Divorce Attorney to find the best and most proper property separation.

Contact An Orlando Divorce Attorney

When facing divorce at any age, there are aspects that will need to be looked at by an attorney. If you are a senior and looking to divorce, there are many other issues that will need to be taken into consideration. Contact an Orlando Divorce Attorney to help guide you through your divorce.

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