Different Consequences of Cyber Bullying in School

Bullying can have a big impact on children to include problems that are physical, emotional, and social. The Nova Scotia Cyber-Safety Act states that new technology today has changed in many ways. One way it has changed is with communication.

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It has shifted the focus of child harassment from the playground to the computer. Instead of face-to-face bullying, children are now being bullied on the Internet. However, there isn’t enough internet monitoring done by parents to help keep their children safe or to help prevent cyber bullying. (Heller, J. (2015). The Chat Room Moderator: Creating a Duty for Parents to Control Their Cyberbully. Family Court Review, 53(1), p. 165–179.) Cyber bullying over the years has caused over 14% of American students to commit suicide. The Internet has opened many windows to social interaction.

At the same time, it has shifted the focus of child harassment from the playground to the computer. Instead of face-to-face bullying, children are now being bullied on the Internet, in a phenomenon known as ‘cyberbullying. Today many children and teens walk the halls of school afraid, afraid that if they speak out about them being bullied that the bully will hurt them. (Heller, J. (2015). Majority of times if a student commits suicide parents tend to fault the schools for the deaths of their child. The administrators and teachers at the schools can’t easily get information out of a child. However, the parent can easily find out what’s going on with their child because there’s comfort between the two. To combat this behavior, many states have passed measures to ban or criminalize cyberbullying in school-related settings. Nevertheless, children and adolescents continue to cyberbully their peers. A mixed method research design was used to understand how primary school children perceive bullying behavior and to uncover the extent of self-esteem on their bullying experiences.

Two hundred and eighty participants took part in a survey of their bullying behavior and self-esteem. Additionally, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 6 children. Survey findings indicated that higher self-esteem leads to higher bullying behavior. A bully knows methods to keep a victim quiet, some of those methods could be threats to become physical, humiliation, or to even group up with others to get physical with them. Chin-Siang Ang, Chien-Ping Chong, Shuet-Wen Cheong, Chiew-Yen Lee, Zhen Hui Tang, & Chooi Yen Liew. (2018). Furthermore, bullying over the years has changed inexplicable. Now that the internet has thousands of ways to communicate and humiliate others bullying has become an everyday thing. More parents should monitor their children social media and not only just that but also monitor their locations and who they hangout with. In conclusion bullying should be put to an end, more lives should be saved.

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