Cyberbullying is a Serious Problem

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Cyberbullying is a Serious Problem

A persuasive essay emphasizing the severity and widespread nature of cyberbullying in today’s digital age. It would highlight real-life incidents, psychological ramifications, and advocate for more stringent measures to combat it. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Bullying topic.

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The Cyberbullying has become a major social concern because raises questions about the ethical use of technology. In recent years, has been the subject of research and information and prevention and activities for different groups such as organizations, schools and parents’ to protect against the muse of technology, and because of that, this paper explains on how cyberbullying is the same to sociology and the issue of how is related to the world. Cyber-bullying is defined as an aggressive, intentional act carried out by a group or individual, using electronic forms such as internet or other digital devices of contact, repeatedly and overtime against a victim who cannot easily defined him or herself.

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Cyber-bullying has a lot of to do with sociology because of the communication on social media and different groups bullying that one kid.

Parents are not aware of the apps that their children use or may not be aware of the risks involved in using them. There are many ways that cyberbullying can be hidden in their phones and sites, such as texts, videos, and facetime calls that disappear or do not appear on the cell phones call or text messages.

For example, In an instant-messaging conversation, you might respond with “”lol”” (laugh out loud) or “”brb”” (be right back) . . . but what about SOS, a cry for help? Bullying is not a new problem, but what about when bullies use the Internet as a tool to hurt someone? It’s called cyberbullying. So many ways you can be involved in cyberbullying and you won’t even know its cyberbullying. By saying one thing can hurt someone’s feeling and you can be in big trouble, because that person can report you and you can have charges for cyberbullying

Because that person can harm themselves by you saying something back, mostly people with depression reacts to that stuff.

Many apps also make it easy for users to access, view or get involved in adult or harmful content. Privacy and location settings may make them more extinst to stalking, cyberbullying, exposure to adult content, or other dangers. You don’t have to be physically pushed around to be a victim of bullying—you could be at home safely in front of your computer at home. Cyberbullying is when the Internet is used to harass, embarrass, or threaten someone. It’s become an issue in the last few years, and many parents still aren’t even aware that it goes on. Police forces are still figuring out how to deal with cyberbullying, and how to find the real identities of bullies who hide behind Internet identities.

Effects of Bullying is that students who experience bullying are at increased risk for poor school adjustments, sleep difficulties, anxiety, and depression. Bullying is widespread in the United States. It can vary across communities and demographic groups, bullying impacts youth such as; other bystanders.

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