Comparison Essay Android Vs IPhone

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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216 million. That is the number of iPhones sold just last year according to Today I will be telling you 10 reasons whyiPhones are better than androids.

Apple is known to have great privacy and security for its users, and that is why I chose to have this as my first reason. The App Store is very good at making sure malicious apps don’t make it on to users phones and is also always being monitored for any suspicious apps.

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The Google Play store on the other hand is more open to malicious apps due to its loser submission criteria. On top of that, Android devices are allowed to download various apps online. This can be seen as a good thing for many Android users, but it also puts them at a huge risk of gaining any viruses.

With that leading in to the next reason, optimizations. Apple’s software or IOS is to some people, perfected. This allows for apple to get away with having less RAM in their phones than other flagship phones and still allowing the phone to have buttery smooth responses.

Next will be their support. Apple’s devices get software updates more quickly, frequently, and longer than just about any other brand phone out there. Older iPhones are actually proven to become quicker after updating.

That also makes iPhones longevity another reason. Apple’s phones can last a user for quite a long time with good care. If be the case, most modern iPhones could probably last a user 4-6 years if need be. Most iPhone 6 sales are in the $200 dollar price range. Which is saying a lot when the Galaxy s6 is being sold for about half that price or less.

Apps! They are most commonly released sooner on the App Store. This isn’t always the case, but it does happen a lot. Now, when I buy a phone, what really matter to me, is my experience with the device. If having an android phone means waiting up to months for new apps, social networks, and some games, than that ruins my experience. For example, Fortnite was available for iPhones 4 full months before android. On top of that, in a post by Nick Statt on the Verge, it is said that “Fortnite for Android will ditch the Google Play Store for Epics website to bypass using the Play Store.”

This next point goes without saying, but, iMessage is just way better than sms. You get features such as group chats, stickers, game pigeon, animated text messages, and it even works over WiFi. Now of course there are many 3rd party messaging apps that have many of hw same features, however iMessage is default. Along with many other great apps provided by Apple, iMessage is already available to use once the device is activated. Many people prefer it and you can also reply to messages on your computer or tablet.

Which brings me to connectivity. Your photos and messages are all synced together between your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. You get universal copy and paste. You can even easily move or share files using airdrop.

Now when it comes down to accessories, iPhones win again. There is usually a bigger selection/variety of cases. There are even cases that are made specifically for iPhone users.

My ninth point might seem very small, and that’s because it is. The toggle mute button on the side of all iPhones. This is the easiest way to silence your phone and is one of the only features that have stuck around since the beginning. Oddly enough, this amazing feature hasn’t really been replicated by other phones, which makes it a little more unique.

Lastly, when getting a new phone, it is not only easier but it is also quicker and more efficient to setup and carry data over from an old phone. All of these add up to make an amazing user experience, and like is said before, that is the most important thing to me when choosing a phone.  

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