IPhone X Exclusive Release

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iPhone X is being released this year and there is a lot of new features to share. There is a vintage flip-style for those users who can’t go without. There is an exclusive color selection for pre-orders only. Rumor has it that this will be the last release of the iPhone line. The X stands for the celebration of Apple’s ten-year anniversary and we are to expect no updates at all to the iPhone X as well. Does this mean that the iPhone X will be superior to all other iPhones? We will find out when iPhone X hits the stores and we can surely expect a sell-out sale. For more information, please refer to the press release iPhone X Exclusive Release.

iPhone X Specifications

The new iPhone is intended to best so here is what to expect when you purchase one yourself. A sharper screen that allows you to adjust the screen per view with a visual button to change/enhance the visuals for you. It will also have a curved edge, and it will high a higher picture color. Wireless power consortium allows you to change your phone when you sit it down. This is a specialty that Apple provides for its users.

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iPhone X Expected to Be as Expensive as A Mac

The upgrades included in the model are said to be number one in the iPhone product line. A mass amount of storage is one of the main causes of such a speculation. iPhone X is said to have the very top of the line OLED installed. Conventional LCDs will be added to this collection of top of the line visuals. With all of this technology involved in the creation of the iPhone X, it is no wonder that the price could be so steep.

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