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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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My invention is the iPhone, and I chose it for many reasons. For instance, as soon as the first iPhone was released, it took only a few months for many people to start communicating through their iPhones. This trend quickly spread throughout the world, leading to unprecedented sales of the device. The person credited with this invention is Steve Jobs, who worked in tandem with his remarkable team. The team comprised Scott Forstall, Charles J. Pisula, Chris Blumenberg, Wayne C. Westerman, Henri C.

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Lamiraux, Paul D. Marcos, Marcel van Os, Nitin K. Ganatra, Richard Williamson, Stephon O. Leamy, and Andre M.J. Boule. The iPhone was unveiled on June 29 in 2007, and was initially manufactured at Foxconn’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., located in Europe.

The reason this all began was that Steve Jobs, one of the main investors, greatly disliked a particular man at Microsoft. Whenever Steve Jobs had to interact with this man, he would become extremely belligerent. Every time Steve Jobs saw him, the man would repeat his grandiose claims, such as how he was going to “rule the world” because of some tablets he had invented. The man truly believed he would rule the world with these tablets. After hearing this, Steve Jobs decided to create something of his own. With his team, Steve Jobs began planning. A few months later, on June 29, 2007, they finished the first iPhone and put it up for sale on the same day. Essentially, Steve Jobs and his team created a breakthrough invention, spurred by Steve’s emotions because he was so angry.

The steps taken to create the iPhone were simple. The process began with a visit to the Taiwanese company that manages the Zhengzhou facility. They then started ordering smaller parts for the first iPhone. Apple ordered many of the components from global suppliers as well. Once they had all the components, the iPhone was manufactured in a company in China. Following the completion of this manufacturing process, they began shipping the iPhones to places like Jersey City, New York, Newark, California, and beyond. As soon as people started buying the phones, perhaps a year or two later, the next iPhone was introduced. Since then, Apple has continued to produce new iPhones, with the next release coming very soon.

I believe that the iPhone has significantly changed our lives today. For example, as soon as the first iPhone came out and Apple continued to manufacture them, the world became a world of technology. Anywhere you go, you can see people using an iPhone. Even young children have iPhones; it’s not just adults and teenagers. Everyone uses technology for everything these days. To be honest, I also use technology for everything. I own an iPad and an iPhone, and I use them for all sorts of tasks. That’s why I firmly believe that iPhones have transformed our lives. However, I’m not saying that it’s necessarily a bad thing, nor am I saying that it’s entirely positive.

I believe that the iPhone has substantially impacted us socially, economically, and politically. An example is, “The iPhone has dramatically changed how people interact in the world.” I don’t believe this is an undesirable outcome; if Steve Jobs hadn’t created the iPhone, someone else would have. Just because direct communication has decreased, it doesn’t necessarily mean this invention has affected us negatively. Before the iPhone, people communicated just fine and they continue to do so, albeit differently. Another example is, “It made a sweeping debut in 2007 when the smartphone was first introduced into the world of technology.” There are reasons why the iPhone’s 2007 debut was important—many people probably saw it as a must-buy invention at that time. People still need phones to this day and they continue to buy them, speaking volumes about their effectiveness.

I think this invention has been significantly implemented in Latin America due to when the iPhone was launched, the Latin countries probably needed it more, or maybe they had a better offer. For instance, “Latin America’s allure as a consumer market was underlined on February 15th.” The Latin countries likely became the market consumers when the iPhone launched there because people needed iPhones. Another example is, “When the technology firm opened its first retail store on the continent, it was in Rio de Janeiro.” It could be because Latin countries were contributing more to their profits than anyone else. While other countries were also purchasing, Apple was profiting more from the Latin countries. Furthermore, it’s a fact that up to 1,700 people queued up to be among Apple’s first Rio premieres.

In conclusion, I believe the world dramatically changed the moment the first iPhone was invented. Nowadays, while people communicate less in person because they are engrossed in their phones, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a negative development. Data shows that nearly 80 percent of people start their day on their phones, which might sound alarming but isn’t necessarily bad. The iPhone is incredibly helpful, and I, like many others, depend on it for everything. Some people can’t go a day without using their phone, which is why I chose the iPhone as my invention. I wanted to pick an invention that significantly affects us all. It’s a fact that there’s a 95 percent chance that in the U.S, as soon as citizens wake up, they check their phone before doing anything else, to text or go on social media, a daily routine for many. Hence, I don’t consider the world’s changes as fundamentally negative. I am not advocating for the excessive time people spend on their phones, often reducing direct conversation. But I do believe the world has indeed transformed significantly in just a few years.

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