How IPhones Changed Everyone’s Life?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Over twelve years ago, Steve Jobs would have the idea to invent a revolutionary item that would change everyone’s lives forever. In the time we live in today, it seems as if everyone has a smartphone, or some type of cellular device with them at all times of the day. This would not be the everyday norm of some people if Steve Jobs didn’t invent the very popular Iphone. Sure, there are other phones out there in the world but, Iphones are very popular in the eyes of teens, adults, and anyone who prefers them.

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Steve Jobs was a famous inventor and creator for Apple Inc. He was the CEO of Apple when the Iphone was first created, and also helped invent the Macbook and Ipod, as well as the Iphone. He believed that cellphones were going to become popular devices for information, and communication. Jobs first came to the idea of the Iphone, whenever he asked his engineers to explore the options with touchscreen devices. 

Steve Jobs announced the Iphone to the public in January 2007 at the Macworld convention, but later was released for sale June 29th 2007. Lines for the Phone were blocks long, and everyone was high with anticipation.At the time, Iphones were priced at $499-$599, depending on the model. The first iphone was exclusive only to AT&T, and soon would be available more widely across phone carriers. Despite not having GPS, a good keyboard, or a removable battery, the iphones technology was still ahead of other phones. 

From the start of the Iphone to now, a lot has changed. The phones have became unusually tall, and skinny compared to the first iphone ever made. The technology has advanced in ways that would have never been thought possible. At first, iphones were made of aluminum with a black plastic accent on the back, and today they are made with anodized aluminum. The camera quality from the first iphone to the Iphone X, transformed from a small 2 megapixel lens , to a whopping 12 megapixel lens, in only 10 years. Following the camera, the overall weight of the iphone has increased from 4.8 ounces, to 6.1 ounces. Altogether, the iphone has changed for better. If it hadn’t progressed, the phone would not be as popular as it is now. 

The Iphone has affected my life in many ways. My personal connection to the iphone is that the phone has made it to where I can search the internet to learn for school, communicate with friends and family to stay in touch, and pass the time when there’s nothing to do. I think that everyone above a certain age would benefit from having an iphone, or a smartphone at all. Having an iphone has made me have a certain responsibility to take care and appreciate an item that’s expensive.

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