Committing Suicide and Euthanasia

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Updated: Jun 18, 2019
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Committing Suicide and Euthanasia essay

Internationally, committing suicide or attempting to commit suicide is not a criminal act, but euthanasia or assisted suicide, which is giving a human special medicine to die quickly is a severe illegal act . Physician-assisted suicide happens when a physician makes easy a patient’s death by providing the mandatory information to enable the patient to perform the life-ending act. Committing suicide is a traumatizing experience for any and all involved. Life is precious. The chance to live is only given once and cannot be taken for granted. Preventing even a single life from ending early is imperative and obligatory to everyone. Suicide can never be a choice. Even though many physicians claim that helping a patient to commit suicide is a form of mercy and needs to be legalized, it is a clear act of criminal act and the government should not legalize it because it will inevitably lead to a devaluation of human life and will go against people’s moral values.

According to Monica Burke, a research assistant with the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society at the Heritage Foundation, “”Every human life has value, not because of what one does, but because of who one is””made for reason, freedom, to love, and to be loved””. God alone has the right to initiate and accomplish life. The life is very special and people cannot take it away. Everyone should be satisfied that God gives them a chance to live on the earth, and also should respect others’ life, as their own one. Life is the most beautiful of the inventions of nature. This unexpected gift is given to humans and each person treat it differently; however, physicians sometimes do not understand the concept of life. According to the Physician-Assisted Suicide in Hawaii Is an Attack on All of Us, Monica Burke claims that “”Physician-assisted suicide also leaves patients vulnerable to pressure to end their lives, not only from their doctor or insurance provider but from family members””. It is very important to protect your loved ones, build bright and strong relations with them. Now, some kind of doctors are doing wrong choices by hurting the patients’ and their families feelings. Physicians who are doing assisted suicide are interrupting families to be together by encouraging them that elders are like a heavy load. This phenomenon will lead patients to die as soon as possible because no one in this life wants to be a burden for someone. Assisted suicide lead exactly all families to divide. In this typical case of suicide, the surviving family members experience anger, they are feeling loneliness and some kind of desperation because dealing with the suicide of a relative is generally much more difficult and hard than dealing with the loss of that the same relative through the natural death. Assisted suicide not only will inevitably lead to a devaluation of human life but also will go against moral values.

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According to the author of Assisted Suicide, “”Though medical schools have adopted modernized Hippocratic oath, one commonality shared by these versions is a commitment to bringing the patient more benefit than harm through his or her treatment””. Actually, the expression “”medical help in dying”” allows physicians to avoid the harsh truth that they are helping patients kill themselves. When human decides to become a doctor, they are swearing to keep the promise in any way. After swearing physicians have a specific list of things, which they need to do and which they would not do and are ethically prohibited. This oath included administering poison or, in other words, euthanasia, abortion, surgery, and taking advantage of anyone in the household of those being treated. Those prohibitions make it clear that there are moral standards which take precedence over the individual physician’s judgment. So in this case, physicians who once to this kind of violence need to be threatened very severely and harsh. Instead of helping patients to get well soon, they are giving the some special kind medicine in order to let patients die quickly. According to the Physician-Assisted Suicide in Hawaii Is an Attack on All of Us, Monica Burke claims that “”Physician-assisted suicide sets off a chain reaction that extends well beyond the healthcare context””. This means that this phenomenon will harmed the society in many different ways. Physician-assisted suicide is dangerous and opens the door to abuse. The periodic practice of assisting suicide will lead the medicine go actually to the opposite way: instead of preserving the life and promoting the comfort of the patient, it prematurely will end the life of the patient. In other words, physician-assisted suicide changes the culture of medicine. It permits physicians to use dangerous for life medicine as techniques for killing.

Pain is universal. Through the life everyone will feel pain and it does not matter it will be emotional, physical, or even cruel: it will be there. It is not a reason to decide to end a life. It is not a reason to leave everything and go. On the contrary, people need to stay strong and keep going until their last breath. A human being is a whole universe. This is an unique picture of the surrounding world, mankind in miniature. As the German poet Heinrich Heine wrote, “”Under every gravestone lies world history””. Therefore, everyone in this world should treat all lives with great respect, as to the greatest jewel.

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