Climate Change: why Government Failure to Act is the Problem

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The rise in heat throws off the balance of everything across the earth. The rise of heat is currently killing billions of animals in Australia due to wildfires and extreme drought. Without prevention from nations everywhere are at risk of experiencing many weather-related disasters similar to the one in Australia. As a society, we all need to recognize that once a species goes extinct, it cannot come back. It is detrimental to the environment to interrupt the cycle due to extinction. All of the reasons animals are becoming extinct so rapidly are because of humans. Many people love animals, yet they do not see this as a problem caused by humans. New laws and calls for political action is the only way to further to prevent this horrid extinction from continuing. Laws that ban poaching and prevent ecosystems from being torn apart for economic growth need to be World leaders need to be held accountable for this catastrophe because of their focus on economic growth and not the earth. The earth is everyone’s home, and world leaders are watching the earth die because of their grand plans for fossil fuel production and economic growth.

As pollution continues to kill people, lawmakers need to commission their governments to implement laws that will reduce pollution. For example, laws on vehicles that prevent how much emissions they can produce should be implemented everywhere. Additionally, governments should pursue more funding that will create better public transportation. If public transportation is accessible and easy to use, individuals are more likely to use it because many people know that owning a car is expensive not include costs for things like gas and registration just to operate their vehicle. By establishing easier ways of public transportation, people will be able to save their own money as well as save the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

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While everyone is affected by Climate Change whether they want to believe it or not, it is next to impossible to say anyone is benefitting directly from this problem. This is because every day, we are all affected by the results of Climate Change. We all are impacted by fuel emission rates, droughts, fires, and all other problems which derive from Climate Change. There really is no benefit from this for anyone because in the end, if we do not fix this problem, it will eliminate us. That being said, there are some who do benefit from the causes of Climate Change more than others.

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