Overpopulation and Climate Change

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In the article Overpopulation and Climate Change Arthur H. Westing tells us that the in 1970, the greenhouse gas emission was beyond the sustainability level of the atmosphere and at that time the worlds population was 3.7 million and today it is 6.9 million. In the mean time emission from fossil fuel increased from 14 billion tons to 29 billion tons. Despite the growing awareness of climate change. In the article, Arthur H. Westing gives us the idea to divide up a safety sustainable levelof emission into to the atmosphere to all the countries.

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Make a certain limit to use efficient and emission free energy.

In the article ‘EMPOWER WOMEN FOR THE HEALTH OF THE PLANET’, Carmen Barroso tells us that if everyone is provided with voluntary family planning it would bring down the population and will also reduce 29% of carbon emission. But in reality 225 million women don’t have the access to modern method of contraception. The Guttmacher Institute estimates that access to contraception will reduce unwanted pregnancies by 70 percent. This will also increase the women’s literacy rate and better child health. But still some of the international companies are not investing much in sexual and reproductive health. The investment needed in this sector is also very less in a research it shows that investment of $31 per year will provide better reproductive health services to women in Latin America and Caribbean. This article elucidates the fact that the proliferation of the human population will result in the depletion of required resources, thereby making the earth unsustainable to support life. The article bolsters this claim calculating the years till the end of the persons’ lineage (half of the years of his/her children and one-fourth of the years of existence of his/her grandchildren). This expansion of the generations affects the overall the resource utilization and further degradation of the planet earth. In the essay overpopulation’, Lauren Bradshaw talks about the problems associated with overpopulation. Population is determined by two things. First is birth rate or the fertility and secondly it is the death rate. The author also talks about the Malthusian Theories in which she explains that the food is the most important resource and if the population continues to grow, people will starve to death. She also tells us the environmental problems which associated with overpopulation.

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In the article human overpopulation: still an issue of concern, the authors talks about both the sides of the population. Some researches tells that the population rate will start decreasing the under developing countries start to urbanize. On the other hand, some researchers tells that the population will still keep on increasing and cause major problems in the future. Oh, the Humanity: Is the Threat of Overpopulation Still a Big Deal? (n.d.). Retrieved November 5, 2018, from https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/human-overpopulation-still-an-issue-of-concern/ In the article effects of human overpopulation, the authors talks about the problems with increasing population that are loss of fresh water, species extinction, lower life expectancy in the fastest growing countries, depletion of natural resource, increased emergence of new dieses and health problems, more restriction and less freedom, higher criminal rate and global warming and climate change.

Overpopulation Effects. (n.d.). Retrieved November 5, 2018, from http://www.everythingconnects.org/overpopulation-effects.html

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