Bella by Alejandro Gomez Monteverde

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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A major tie of the film is the defense of life, from the moment of its conception. It is a graphic display of the horror that pulses in our society, in where many of these young women who after becoming pregnant have no one to turn to, in where all the factors of life have lead them to take a terrible decision that many later regret which is abortion. In the movie ¨Bella¨ is shows us a bit of reality, which society still until today face.

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In the movie both Jose and Nina are two wounded souls who find each other in life where they have thought to reach rock bottom and who on a path of life, help find and help each other. Another topic discussed throughout the film is the family and its role in society. We are presented Jose’s family a united and happy family, a true relationship of love among its members. Totally contrary to Nina who hasn’t had a real family since her father died. Following, a very mention topic is adoption and how it beautiful be able to share that love with someone even if it’s not blood related. Another topic mention briefly in the movie is faith where in the waiting room a woman in the waiting room with a worried look takes out her rosary. In addition another topic discussed is immigration and unfortunately to see it still happening is immigration and the injustice they face in society. Lastly, love always portraying the most important value in life, a lot in which society can always relate to, and ¨ Bella¨ does and amazing job of reminding us.

Structural Functional Approach

The structural functional approach is based on the thesis related to the functionality of all the social life or structure, that is, that the thesis of whatever it is, is taken and investigated in relation to the function that necessarily fulfills the system. Both Structural and function is linked to the application of the concrete method and the technique in where it includes quantitative analysis procedures of investigation and certain social phenomena, and above, of the structure of diverse groups, such as family, education, production of goods, sports club and everything in between.


Another topic discussed throughout the film is the family and its role in society. Jose’s family is presented here as a multicultural family with adoptive son, being Manny, and how no matter all the difference’s what unites them is the being a family as one. We are presented with a united and happy family, a true relationship of love between its members between brothers, between husband and wife and between parents and children. Jose’s parent show in the film the support they give to each of their children. Manny for example the support when running his business, Jose’s younger brother when they cooked a home meal for his girlfriend as a welcome and Jose when after everything he went to he has his parent arms open and a shoulder, metaphorically and literally speaking, where he can find support and comfort. The support that a person finds in their family and the immense emptiness they feel when it lacks is what makes it to raw. After all, a truthful image, nothing to do with the one shown by it in many media. A family relationship so spontaneous and cordial that we cannot help but smile when we contemplate it.

Social Conflict

In the film it exhibit a few conflicts one pertaining to Jose who after being a successful soccer superstar experience’s a terrible fate, in where he accidentally runs over a little girl and is set to pay the consequences of going to prison for 4 years. After the 4 years, in the verge of Jose trying to go to a normal life faces the terrible guilt of taking away an innocent life, making it hard for him to move on. Jose leave everything he has worked for giving up many things. As for Nina, she is faced with a decision of wanting to abort because as many young woman go through they feel that it’s difficult to raise a life without any help, being that the case she decided to abort but is scared to do so, especially after being unemployed because she arrived late to work. Later in the movie we see that Jose was able to change Nina’s perspective and Nina give Jose, Bella for adoption.


The practice of abortion has been done for many years now and this dependence is given through multiple psychological, cultural and social factors, including religious views, traditions and psychological reaction to society and many other parties. The induce abortion is probably the oldest and most controversial method of regulating fertility. There is no other surgical procedure that has been so debated that you have generated so much emotional and controversy, and have received so much and so constant public attention over the course of time. The illegality procedure has been mentioned worldwide. In addition being mentioned as a violating women’s reproductive rights. This critical situation is intertwined with several variables to be taken into account situations that is almost always because a collision between the principle of autonomy and the public good, all linked to the principle of justice. In the film Jose perspective of abortion is moral due to the values he was taught in his life. Apart from Jose wanting to save a life, in his perspective taking a life is a ruthless thing to do and so he goes on through the whole movie convincing Nina not to abort.

Labor Inequality

Labor inequality is shown in the film Bella. In where unfortunately is what many people in society still face. In the film it shows Manny who Jose is working to after getting out of jail. Manny owner of a restaurant is seen in the movie as a martinet who is very selfish and no feeling towards the inequality labor he is paying the immigrant workers at the job. In today’s society this still goes on many men and woman goes through this. For example, for many years and till this day women are still facing labor inequalities due to gender discrimination. Many people have face similar situations like being underpaid for being transgender or having a different color of skin. Leading these experience’s to a large portion of society into unemployment, poverty and a lot of other hardships. In the movie it shows when Jose tells Manny the in justice he was doing toward a immigrant worker at his job because of his illegal statues. Resulting him in paying him a very low minimum wage.


Another aspect of the film is the ability to break certain schemes that sometimes form in our mind, and that are unfair and unreal. For example, it shows the true image of immigration. The honest and hard-working people who strive to earn their daily bread. In the film it shows immigrants working at low wages and long hours. It shows to society that being immigrant has not limited them from working or being a regular person just as a non-immigrant. Although many immigrants to this day face many struggle such as unfair pay, lack of benefits, and often leading to poverty they still manage to set a decent living.


It deals with the issue of adoption from a perspective of affection and knowledge of the circumstances that Nina has to go through in order for her to have Bella. In today’s society adoption is a positive thing. It has a great impact on all who is involved in that process. It give the mother an assurance that the child will be in good care and raised in a stable environment, as well as the adopted parent which gives them the happiness and joy to be able to be parent and also provide the child a better opportunity. Adoption helps every child to be raised in a better social and economic environment, with better opportunities in education and potentially provided back to society. In the film Jose adopt Bella apart from the reason that he want to give Bella the gift of life, but being able to provide her a better life that what Nina could have offered. Growing up in a family who is united like Jose’s would promote a healthy lifestyle for Bella.

Symbolic Interaction

A point that the film makes for symbolic interaction is when Nina lets Jose in to her life or say her situation when she give him her MetroCard to go through the turnstile. In addition to when Jose is at the beach with Bella and hands her a seashell. Lastly, the butterfly at the end that gave us a meaning of resurrection meaning the lives of Jose, Nina and Bella. In symbolic interaction the main point is mostly built in the interaction and what we see it as, it always has a meaning. Symbolism is always associated with a connection with meanings that goes around in society. It also depends on the situation, the places and each person who give the ability to define and give it a meaning.

Seashell and Butterfly

The symbol of the Seashell is interpreted in the film as the love that Jose has for her mother which Bella ends up giving Nina. The seashell capsules all the love that is shared by Jose, and gratitude he has for Nina The symbol of the butterfly can be seen in many ways but one that goes with the film is death was a rebirth of the child and life its self. In the film Jose save Nina from aborting Bella. Concluding to Nina saving herself as well as Jose. Each of them found a reason to continue in life and start over. Here the butterfly refers to life beyond death. The film uses a traditional symbol that presents death as a transformation to another life. In the final sequence, the butterfly mysteriously comes from above and is a presence transcendent that can come from a superior life.

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