Adoption Benefits for Adoptive Parents

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Adoption Benefits for Adoptive Parents

This essay will explore the benefits of adoption for adoptive parents. It will cover emotional, social, and familial aspects, and dispel common misconceptions about the adoption process. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Adoption.

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Adoption; when hear the word adoption, what comes to mind when you hear it. Some people think adoption is a good thing; others see it as bad. The way I see adoption, I see it as giving a child a better future. To better understand what adoption truly means, this essay will help paint a clearer picture and create a different viewpoint on how you see adoption.

Adoption is defined as the action or fact of legally taking another’s child and bringing it up as one’s own, or the fact of being adopted.

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So why do certain people oppose adoption and why do they see it as a bad option. There are many anti – adoption groups who rally against adoption one of the groups that has up to 500 members that oppose adoption. People see adoption as unethical and flawed they see it as a danger to normal life. People who choose to join these groups leave their careers to write letters, research articles and books, and strike vulnerable mothers who consider adoption. These activists believe that adoption is impossible and that it shouldn’t be an option when it comes to having a baby.

Sometimes people see adoption as just something by itself but its more than that “adoption is Pro – life”. Many people believe that abortions are the quickest option in means of doing what’s best for the baby and themselves but it’s not the only option. There are so many families that are in need of children in their lives and they see adoption as the answer to their problems. Christian community’s strongly support adoption as a way to build a family and create new lives. Catholic bishops believe that adopting a child as “a gift to the child who receives a new family, to the new parents who receive a child to love and to raise.

Bishops believe that adoption “benefits society by contributing to a culture of life in which the inherent dignity of every child is recognized.” Christians themselves want to change the public attitudes of support for abortion and to change the attitudes toward adoption. So why do unexpected mothers not want adoption as a choice for their child? Part of the reason is the mother’s concern that her child might suffer in an adoptive family. They worry that their child may be mistreated and may not be the life the child wants for themselves.

Given this viewpoint the mother may turn towards abortion. Cardinal O’Malley (a Cardinal Priest) told Prayer Vigil for Life participants that “with almost 100 abortions for every adoption, we have so much more work to do.” Many people see adoption as a good choice for the child, however many people see abortion as a necessary evil. Adoption is not only a good choice for the parent it’s a good choice for the child. Adoption is giving a child a better life; the one life the child truly deserves and how it shouldn’t be taken away. I would say that adoption is the best way to give your child a better future and how you shouldn’t take that life away from them.

The benefits of adoption can be felt by a countless number of people across the United States, as nearly everyone has been touched by adoption in some way. Neighbors, friends, relatives, etc. Most of us know at least one person who has experienced the benefits from adoption. Adoption isn’t an easy choice, however when you want something badly you’ll do anything to achieve your goal. Being involved in the adoption process you’ll experience unique challenges, as well as adoption benefits. These are not temporary advantages, but rather they are life-changing positives that come with being a part of something so important.

Benefits of Adoption for Adoptive Parents

  1. The joy of starting a family
  2. The opportunity to raise and love a child
  3. A meaningful relationship with the child.

What are the benefits of adopting a child? Parents come to choose adoption for many reasons. Countless numbers of couples work their whole lives to prepare to start a family, but are met with the painful struggles of infertility. Others may be “LGBT” which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples who dream of starting a family through adoption or surrogacy. Still, there are other hopeful parents who could have children biologically, but see adoption as a beautiful opportunity to love and care for a child.

Whatever path has brought a hopeful parent to the point of considering adoption, it hasn’t been easy, because life rarely is. The joy of starting a family is difficult to describe. It’s something that makes anyone realize what really matters in life. One of the best things about adoption and becoming a parent. Parenting is a lifelong commitment. The chance to raise a child, to watch them grow and do everything possible to help them thrive, is a wonderful opportunity. Even though it may not feel like it sometimes, like when a baby decides 3 AM right when you’re having a good part in your dream and it’s their new favorite time to be awake or a teenager is in an inexplicably bad mood and won’t stop playing Minecraft or Fortnite all day, parenting a child from infancy to adulthood is one of the most amazing benefits of domestic adoption. Throughout this whole journey, adoptive parents have a chance to establish a meaningful relationship with their child’s birth mother through open adoption. This idea may sound bad at first but open adoption is becoming increasingly common, and many people will tell you about how great it has been in their lives.

All of this takes hard work, but the benefits for adoptive parents pop up throughout life. Every smile, laugh, birthday party, new accomplishment and special moment shared with a child is a reminder of how incredible parenting is, and how long-lasting the benefits of adoption really are. For those reasons, the opportunity to experience parenthood is the greatest benefit some couples could ever hope for, which may not have been possible without adoption. For a woman, unexpectedly learning that she is pregnant can be one of the most stressful times she can ever endure. The pregnancy can halt her education, career and other goals she may have. On top of that, she may not have the finances or a partner in her life to help raise the child, making her situation more difficult.

The woman may be in high school or college when she learns that she is pregnant, and raising the child will undoubtedly put either a temporary or permanent hold on her education. If she doesn’t have parents willing to support her or help look after the child, she may struggle balancing one or two jobs while raising the child. Indeed, an unplanned pregnancy can send a woman’s life into a tailspin if she doesn’t have the proper support system. These reasons are why many women selflessly choose adoption for their baby. They may consider raising the child themselves, but women who choose adoption understand that they are not ready to become parents at this time in their lives.

While it is common to hear that a woman is “giving up” a baby for adoption, the truth is that choosing adoption is not giving up or simply “giving your baby away.” Adoption gives a child a chance at life. For a woman considering adoption, it provides a chance to do what is best for her life and also give her baby an opportunity to have a wonderful life. And thanks to the increasing prominence of open adoption, it’s possible for a woman to have an ongoing connection with the baby she chose adoption for. These are all significant benefits of adoption for women considering adoption.

Adoption benefits the birth mother because it grants her a second chance at receiving an education and fulfilling her goals, while creating the opportunity for her child to be raised in a home with a loving family who have always dreamed of being parents. For most birth mothers, knowing that their child is safe and happy is the biggest benefit to adoption of all.

Alright what do Faith Hill, Jesse Jackson, Steve Jobs, Dave Thomas, Gerald Ford and John Lennon all have in common? They were adopted. How would their lives have turned out if adoption wasn’t chosen for them as kids? Would they still have attained stardom? Because these celebrities were placed for adoption, they were given a multitude of opportunities that they may not have otherwise had.

So, what are the benefits of adoption? The point isn’t that all children who come to a family through adoption will be famous. Clearly, that’s not the case. The point is that adoption creates the space for a child to grow, to thrive, and to fulfill his or her dreams. One of the biggest benefits of adoption for a child is the chance at a meaningful life filled with love, whether that life leads them to be a famous actress, or an engineer, schoolteacher or auto mechanic. Of course, there will still be challenges in any child’s life, and there are specific challenges that a child who has been adopted may face. But simply being provided with a safe household and with loving parents are adoption benefits for the child that are immensely important.

But perhaps more important is the fact that a child who comes home through adoption knows she has two parents who love her, as well as a biological parent who loves her so much that she selflessly chose the best life possible for her child. This, among many other things, clearly shows the benefits to adoption for children.

Adoption is a something that plays a key role in our society today. Adoptions create families and creates a journey for that family that will shape them for the rest of their lives. I believe adoption is a wonderful and great option for a family who can give a baby a life they deserve and the one they truly need.

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